How Social Media Influencers Affect Us
How Social Media Influencers Affect Us 5


To keep it simple, a person who is able to influence a large group of people is a social media influencer. These people make themselves a brand and work to get a lot of attention. Instagram is usually the go-to social media site for influencers but Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc follow behind. Social media influencers exist in different industries like beauty, health, fitness, and foot to name a few. Many influencers opt for a smaller area to influence because the online market just keeps changing. But “how social media influencers affect us” is something a lot of us experience but sometimes do not understand.

In this article, we will discuss how social media influencers affect us as their audience, their followers.

How do social media influencers affect us?

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How do social media influencers affect us
How Social Media Influencers Affect Us 6

Social media influencers have the ability to reach out to a very big audience through their platform, and affect them in more than one ways at times. The one thing that is special about social media influencers is that their fan base, their followers are loyal. They trust their influencer what whatever they say. The level of trust is very high. According to a survey by Nielsen, 92% of the customers trust an influencer more than a TV advertisement or a huge celebrity endorsement while making a purchase decision.

Customers see a product to be more genuine if their influencer mentions it. Twitter surveyed its users and found that almost 40% of its users make a positive purchase decision on immediate basis when seeing a tweet about that product by some influencer they follow. It also showed that about 49% of its users trust the recommendations of their influencers on Twitter. This percentage was slightly lower than the one friends would have recommended that same product i.e. 56%.

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Influencers share their difficult times, their struggles, and their success with their followers. Some of them are even with them throughout their journey. This inspires people with similar issues and gives them hope that if they can, you can too. It pushes them to take a step forward, that push is sometimes all they need.

Strategies through which Social Media Influencers affect us

1. Building Trust

Building Trust
How Social Media Influencers Affect Us 7

Social media influencers always try to live and act as they are one of us on social media. They make efforts to connect with us through different ways: they gain our trust; they try to find some common factor. This helps us, as their followers, believe in them. When we believe in them, they are able to influence us.

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2. Raising Voice on Common Issues

Speaking for their followers shows them that their influencer cares for them. This is a very useful yet very common strategy used by (new) influencers to make their place in the industry. They speak about the common issues and problems that the common people have to face. That is when we -as their followers- start to believe that these people behind the screen, on social media, are part of us, they are reachable, they understand us and the journey of trust begins.

3. They Live Simple

The field of influencing on social media has grown to the point, where good social media influencers, in terms of their reach and engagement, earn a good amount of money through collaborations and paid partnerships with brands. But they choose to live a simple life; a normal life, because that is what the majority of their followers have. It is one of the main factors that connect influencers with their fans. It is now much needed as well if they wish to continue their career as successful influencers in the long term.

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Influencers are a huge part of our life now. We see them everywhere when we open our social media. This article about “how social media influencers affect us” helped us see and understand that everything we see that happens on sites is for a reason. These influencers try to make a place in our lives by becoming of us and affect us greatly, mostly positively.