How Influential Are Influencers
How Influential Are Influencers 5


Influencers are opinion leaders holding the ability of influencing people to impact the decisions of their followers. Online influencers have a natural effect on the purchase decisions of consumers. Consumers value authenticity and genuine brand advocacy when it comes to influencers. But marketers always think about “how influential are influencers” while designing their marketing strategies around them.

Most people trust the opinion of their social circle when making purchase decisions. Statista Global Consumer Survey shows in its recent data that many people also trust the advice of those friendly individuals who share their lives publicly on social media and make us feel like we are acquainted with them, the influencers. The more friendly an influencer seems, the higher impact on the followers.

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Influencers currently yield the most significant power over consumers around the globe. Influencer power, however, does fluctuate in some countries like Italy, South Korea, Russia, Germany, the UK, and France, to be named a few. The nature of the product being marketed also effects the power of an influencer. In this article, it will be highlighted “how influential are influencers” exactly.

How influential are influencers?

Most of us, at some point, have been influenced into doing one thing or another by other people. The act of being influenced is called the psychology of influence, and this is what influencer marketing runs on. The methodology of using highly known and influential people to promote a product or service is not new. It has been around us for decades now.

With more customers trusting influencers, influencer marketing is now the most mainstream technique in the marketing world. Influencing is being used extensively. A few factors that contribute to making influencers influential:

Social Proof

Social Proof
How Influential Are Influencers 6

Previously, brands could only share product information on their website. Now with influencers, they can give social proof of how the product is. People think that if this known personality, the influencer, is doing something or promoting something, it must be right. People make purchase decisions based on this social proof. In particular, trustworthy micro influencers can play an essential role in doing so.

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How Influential Are Influencers 7

When the content of the influencer is authentic, their power to influence increases automatically. We are always told to listen to experts who have knowledge in the field. When a brand partners with such an influencer and matching their vibe to promote their product, people tend to accept their words and recommendations with no questions asked. Authority is one of the main reasons for the effectiveness of influential marketing.


It is obvious that anybody who follows the influencers they like in terms of what they do, how and when they do it etc., there is bound to be an effect. If someone you trust recommends a product, the chances are high that you will buy it. It is as simple as that.

A few Facts and Figures

A survey was conducted in the U.S. market to study “how influential are influencers.” The results were as follows:

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  • 81% made a purchase by clicking a link or image an influencer shared.
  • 66% trust an influencer’s product recommendation when they disclose their relationship with the brand.
  • 38% tend to stop following an influencer if they promote or post something that doesn’t match their core values and image.
  • Women are more likely to fall under the influence of influencers (89%) than man (83%).
  • Men are more likely to spend money on products recommended by the female influencers.


All the reasons stated above show “how influential are influencers” in changing people’s opinions and minds about something. This keeps influential marketing at the top of all marketing techniques. Brands use this psychology of influence to bring customers on board to buy their products, have good word of mouth, and bring in more customers through the snowball effect. Use of the psychology of influence is the crucial reason for the popularity of influencer marketing and its growing influence.