Daniel is a social media marketer who works for a brand. He has to promote the products and services of that brand in order to get more niche and popularity. He is looking for individuals who have a dedicated social following and are considered experts within their specific niche. Moreover, they are capable of product endorsements to promote that brand. Where to find such people? Here come the Influencers!

What is an Influencer?

What is an Influencer
How does Influencer Work for Brands? 4

An influencer is someone in your society or industry who can potentially influence your target audience. Influencers have expertise, knowledge, authority or insight into a definite subject. Their pre-existing presence in a niche can assist brands for acquiring credibility. About 85% of marketers got effective results after employing influencer marketing since 2017 and 92% said their campaigns were beneficial. An influencer assists the brands in local or international markets in “influencer marketing” which is a form of advertisement that builds a brand credibility and competitiveness on the back of another person’s reputation. This is how influencer marketing works for brands.

In marketing, influencers have been on a huge history. Initially, the corporations used compelling figures like famous athletes or celebrities to sell their products through the ads that were advertised on televisions and print media i.e. newspapers. The rise of social media has introduced a completely new class of influencers. This day, we can categorize the influencers into following categories:

  • Celebrities: Movie stars, artists, athletes, and pop culture stars.
  • Industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Micro-influencers: Individuals with a good influence on social media.
  • Bloggers and content creators.

Today the social media influencers are in the majority. Micro-influencers and bloggers are a more cost-effective to acquire instant credibility for growing brands.

How to work with an influencer?

How to work with an influencer
How does Influencer Work for Brands? 5

A brand needs to convince an influencer to work with them once they find a good influencer that has a strong influence on the followers. Some influencers or companies work with some growth service agents or companies in order to gain reach. Galaxy Marketing is one such company that offers quality services and uses competitive methods to grow your Instagram account. Visit Galaxy Marketing to see more information on this topic. As influencer marketing grows, the demand for influencers is rising. A few ways to connect with influential figures include:

  • Giveaways: What brands do is that they gift their goods and services by identifying people who share the same values as their brand and give them free versions of the product in exchange for a review. Then, the review is published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the brand’s website.
  • Sponsor posts: Reach out to bloggers with an impact in your industry and pay them to write a blog or article relevant to your space. This is a smaller amount of labor-intensive way to work with influencers.
  • Guest posts: You can ask people to write on your website or request to place a piece of content on their site instead. This helps to boost the brand reach and promotions as well.

What is the advantage of working with an influencer?

What is the advantage of working with an influencer
How does Influencer Work for Brands? 6

Influencers usually offer instant credibility to a growing company that is why they are cherished. 70% of millennials are influenced by suggestions and the true advice from their mates. Influencers provide a connection point between companies and their target market.

Consequently working with an influencer gives:

  1. It increases brand awareness and gains exposure to the influencer’s existing and loyal audience. This market is already engaged and waiting for relevant content.
  2. It also builds trust within the followers, as consumers already trust the opinions of the influencers they follow. Influencers instantly boost the credibility of your brand.
  3. Customer relation is enhanced. It strengthens the relationships with the customers through the trustworthy existing connections influencers already have with them.
  4. It expands the brand name and quality. The positive connection influencers already have with customers’ causes a “halo effect” which strengthens the company in the eyes and heart of the consumer.
  5. SEO is improved. Through working with influencers, it offers opportunities for building links that lead to better search rankings.