Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work
Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? 4


We have heard, read, seen, and experienced influencers and influencer marketing so much that hardly anyone would be unaware of it. Every person has smart-phones with social media apps just one click away. But the question that arises is “does influencer marketing actually work.”

Over time, social media has forced us to look at things in a very different frame. It has become the real game changer now. Influencers have followers who wear what they wear, eat what they eat, and the loop continues to grow. We know that influencers are good at their job, but as a whole new marketing sector, we need to study its effectivity in depth.

This article will discuss the in-depth knowledge of “does influencer marketing actually work” and how.

Does influencer marketing actually work?

Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work
Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? 5

 A simple answer to this question is, YES, it does work. 80% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective, and 89% say it works just as well as any other marketing channel. 71% of marketers say the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources.

Businesses believe influencer marketing is a highly effective way to reach a massive audience quickly. The reported return on investment on most of these campaigns has proved to be very strong. Failures do come along the way in influencer marketing, like any other form of marketing. The influencer plays the role of creatively displaying the product in front of their audience but brands still need to get creative in using the influencers they choose. Simply asking an influencer to endorse a product isn’t always enough.

Influencer marketing always seems successful for brands. However, it is successful under certain conditions. Marketers need to understand these conditions while designing the campaign. You cannot just throw your product out there and see which influencer does the best with it. NO. Even if you involve many influencers to endorse one product of yours, it has to be strategically planned and done. Each influencer is carefully selected. Just because someone has a million followers on Instagram doesn’t mean they will be able to get you the output you expect if your vibe doesn’t match theirs.

Influencer marketing actually does work but under a few conditions:

1. Be wise in selecting an influencer.

A bigger number of followers does not mean significant return on investments. Micro-influencers have proved to be very beneficial in this case because they are endorsing products from their niche only. Influencers with many followers maybe endorsing several different products, and your product may get lost in the way.

“Galaxy Marketing” can offer its services here by providing organic followers to the influencers who will help increase the reach and engagement on the posts. 

Apart from the followers, also evaluate the influencers’ personality; see if your brand image matches theirs, whether you both share the same values and opinions or not. These dots need to be joined to avoid any gaps for the customers to read through.

2. Know what you want.

Know what you want
Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? 6

Marketing success is dependent on the results generated from the campaign. To determine the success, you need to have a set of objectives. Know what your objectives and KPIs are based on which you will determine how successful your campaign proved to be. Without any objectives, you will not know if it was successful, or how much. For some it is about building brands and brand awareness; for some it is about the sales and profits. You need to establish your ultimate goal.

3. How long should you stick with an influencer?

The length of time for which you wish to partner with the influencer is crucial and determines what you hope to achieve. For example, if your ultimate goal is brand building, you contract will be for a longer time with the influencer. In other cases, like a product launch, a short-term contract seems fine.


Influencer marketing is very much alive and practical, but still, its future can be uncertain at times. And the answer to “does influencer marketing actually works” remains incomplete. But if followed the above-mentioned guidelines, influencer marketing will bring success to the brand.