Amazon Influencer Requirements that You Must Follow
Amazon Influencer Requirements that You Must Follow 14

Becoming an Amazon influencer is the next version of being an influencer, which has swiftly become one of the most highly prized careers in the past decade. Influencers with 1 million followers can earn roughly $10,000 per post, and those with more than 1 million followers can earn up to $100,000 each post, which you can easily gain through the help of several marketing agencies such as Galaxy Marketing. Some posts can fetch as much as $250,000.  Particularly, if the influencer is in the gaming sector and the material is on YouTube.


To be eligible to register to fulfill the amazon influencer requirement, you must apply using one of your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles. Amazon personnel will thoroughly examine your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles after you process your request to ensure that they reflect what they’re looking for. Let’s have a look into the steps to successfully become an amazon influencer.

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1. Registration

Amazon Influencer Requirements that You Must Follow 15

Begin by visiting the Amazon Influencer page and selecting the yellow “Sign Up” option in the middle of the header image. When you select that button, you’ll be asked to select between building a different Amazon account and using an existing customer account. To build a customer account on Amazon, you’ll need some basic information. Prepare the following items for the application procedure:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Address

2. Creating your Storefront

Creating your Storefront
Amazon Influencer Requirements that You Must Follow 16

Once you’ve been allowed, you’ll be capable of creating your Amazon influencer login and your Amazon storefront. This is your Amazon influencer profile, where you will post the things you enjoy and where your fans will be able to purchase them through Amazon.

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It’s important to keep your expertise in mind when designing your storefront. If your social media accounts are devoted to making artwork with pencils or chalk, stocking your store with products like drawing paper, pens, pencils, and even aprons, art supplies, and other craft supplies makes more sense. Filling your store with workout equipment is generally not a great idea. You’ll be given your Amazon ‘Vanity URL’ to share with your followers and urge them to come once your shop is fully operational and  loaded with the products you’d like to suggest.

3. Marketing for Your Products

Marketing for Your Products
Amazon Influencer Requirements that You Must Follow 17

This is another amazon influencer requirement that can be conducted in a way that is most effective for your target audience. If you’re a YouTuber, we recommend including a reference in your video descriptions and mentioning items in your films with a clear message; if you’re an Instagrammer, you may include photographs of the goods or you using the products in your bio, as well as a connection to your Amazon store.

There are no set amount of instances you should publish about your Amazon products; it is all up to you and your audience. Several influencers post weekly, while others post daily. Just keep in mind the more your followers will buy, the more income you’ll end up making.

4. Collecting Payment

There is no set quantity of funds you can hope to earn from Amazon; fees can range from 1% to 10%, with the average commission standing at 7%. Clothing, for example, is likely to have a greater Amazon transaction fee than valuable items such as video games and consoles. It is up to you to determine which products and for what reasons you suggest them.

5. Keep the momentum continuing

This final stage isn’t as precise as the others. You’ll have to keep the discussion regarding your Amazon products and storefront going. Being genuine with your viewers is the simplest way to accomplish this. Don’t over-promote your items, but do notify your audience that the products you suggest are available on Amazon.


To conclude, you must have approval of the Amazon Influencer program to become an Amazon Influencer. You’ve got a good chance if you have a lot of attention on one of Amazon’s three preferred social accounts. Getting into the programme, however, might be limited due to Amazon’s tendency to be unclear about amazon influencer requirements.