10-Step Guide on How to Be a Product Influencer
10-Step Guide on How to Be a Product Influencer 5

Becoming an influencer (i.e. how to be a product influencer) one needs to conduct deliberate targeting and planning. Influencer marketing has reached new levels of success since 2013. Previously, it was confined to celebrities, only. Today, the social media market is saturated with bloggers/influencers carrying out promotions for different brands (fashion, food, make -up, transport services like cabs etc.). In comparison, it was easier to take place on social media- Instagram to be specific- in 2014 than today. Gradually as their reach and influence increase, influencers transform it into their full-time career.

Influencer marketing is constantly changing. If you keep reading, this article will provide you with the guidelines to become one. Some might not suit all. However, we hope you will find something helpful to kick-start your journey of becoming a product influencer.

How to be a Product Influencer

Neil Patel is a known name in the world of influencer marketing. This 3-minute video provides a good overview of how things work on social media. Link attached below:


These guidelines include:

Select your Niche

Select your Niche
10-Step Guide on How to Be a Product Influencer 6

This will help you enter the world of influencers at a micro-level. They contribute through their word of mouth, which seems cheaper but have the capacity to reach enough audience bringing a difference in product sales, increasing customer retention rate by 37% along with doubling the sales.

Make your friends and peers your first audience, influencing starts there.

Content Strategy creation

Content strategy includes rhythm, tone, and voice of the influencer; elements of the content (like texts, methodologies, graphs, etc.) to be planned out. There is no specific template for this. We believe every person and brand has different needs and goals to fulfill. Content Marketing Institute coincides with this idea.

Channel Selection

Facebook has the highest number of influencers on board with 96% of them using it, followed by LinkedIn with 76%. There is no perfect answer as to which social media to choose and avoid. Each channel has a different audience base in terms of size and expectancies.

Understand other Channels alongside

Understand other Channels alongside
10-Step Guide on How to Be a Product Influencer 7

It is important to understand what others are using even if it is not in your use. Due to the huge differences in user demographics, the required strategies differ accordingly on social media. These differences may be small but their impact is huge.

Make Networks in the Industry

It is very crucial to build real relationships. Everyone wants to sit back on their couch and connect with other people/influencers on social media. But, NO! You need to get off that couch, go outside, and attend (online) events, which match your niche, participate, meet people, and connect and see how your platform boosts.

Adding Value to your Conversation

It is important to understand when learning how to be a product influencer, you need to be that person about whom other people are talking. Adding value increases your reach. People will not listen or care if your conversation does not have a unique selling point. Focus on getting a good word of mouth about you (a very effective element).

Always stay updated about Contemporary Events

Understand the difference between Evergreen and Topical. Evergreen stays fresh forever while Topical dies down after a while. Make sure your work is evergreen to avoid the hassle of constantly updating your content. Topical may help you go viral on social media (short term) but evergreen would help you stay in the eyes longer.


Always bring up authentic and genuine content. Never move away from your brand image. They are free. You just have to be creative and sometimes think out of the box. Rest can be taken care of by “Galaxy Marketing”. It is your way to buy organic and genuine (targeted) followers, comments, and likes for your posts.

Respond and Engage with your followers

Respond and Engage with your followers
10-Step Guide on How to Be a Product Influencer 8

Be it comments or personal DM’s, try to respond to your followers, have a conversation with them. A social community is built. Trust develops. Engagement on your feed increases taking you to the top. You want to spread your influence. Interact with your followers outside the feed. It is advisable not to respond to hate or negativity because it will only bring you down unless you have a major zinger to give to them.  

Listen to Criticism

When you come in public, handling criticism is one thing you ought to do. No money or power can help you avoid it. Critics will mold you into a better influencer.


Everyone starts from zero. It is these steps for how to be a product influencer that will kick start your career and eventually take you from nobody to a micro-influencer to a major influencer.