3 Harayuku: How to Promote your Online Fashion Brand on social media
Harayuku: How to Promote your Online Fashion Brand on social media 5

Just like everyone is shifting online, so is the fashion world. Many businesses now rely on social media advertising to generate revenue and drive customers in. So, if you want to learn how to promote your online fashion brand on social media, you’re at the right place! To beat your competition, you need to show them your unique qualities, and use them to your advantage. As e-commerce has become the new norm, and people flock more and more to social media to shop, you need to make sure that you’re taking the following steps to reach a larger market, online and offline. Now let’s get right into the steps that will help promote your online fashion brand on social media.

How to Promote your Online Fashion Brand on social media (Steps You Must Take!)

How to Promote your Online Fashion Brand on social media (Steps You Must Take!)
Harayuku: How to Promote your Online Fashion Brand on social media 6

1. Know Your Best Sellers

Knowing your strong points is vital, when running a business, especially when it comes to online fashion brands. harayuku.com is a great example, as they have a designated section on their websites only for their best-selling items. Most shoppers want the best and are very much tempted to jump on the new trend bandwagon, so knowing what drives the most traffic is vital when promoting your pieces on social media. As people will most likely be looking for the most famous item when looking on your website.

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2. Do Pay Sponsorships to Well-Known Fashion Influencers

Fashion Bloggers/Influencers have a massive fan following anyway, so if you don’t want to go through the extensive and elaborate process of building a large following, you can easily collaborate with a fashion blogger and gain more popularity for your online fashion brand. This marketing strategy has been around a while, as you are very much likely to see multiple influencers using their social media platforms to promote fashion products, whether the platform is on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

3. Establishing Your Social Media Accounts

It's vital to know what social media platform your target demographic is more likely to be using. Fashion brands tend to be browsed more on sites such as Instagram and Facebook. As people can easily see videos and photos, along with reviews of other people as well. However, it's recommended that you set up your brand’s account on all the platforms so that you can assert your brand's presence and showcase your products in the best way. Harayuku has established social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This allows them to put advertisements on those websites to bring more traffic in.

4. Putting Up the Right Advertisements

Advertisements are a key way of driving your sales up. As they encourage more and more people to shop from your online fashion brand. So, if you want to know how to promote your online fashion brand on social media, the first step is to learn how and where to place your advertisements. Putting advertisements on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are bound to get the most clicks. As your brand presence depends on getting clicks, you must make sure that the advertisement is interesting enough that it engages the viewer, so that they want to know more about your fashion brand and your items. A link to your website should always be shown in these adverts so that by clicking on it, the viewer is directed to your official site.

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Using Carousel Advertisements on Sites like Instagram and Facebook
Harayuku: How to Promote your Online Fashion Brand on social media 7

Carousel ads are a special feature used on Facebook and Instagram, where you are shown multiple images of an item in a magazine-style layout. Essentially, these can be defined as mini versions of style guides. You can easily use this to your advantage, to show off your best sellers, or your new line of kawaii masks!

5. Investing in A Good Website

Investing in a good website not only makes your image as an online fashion brand more legit, but it also helps to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Having an easy-to-navigate website like harayuku.com is important, as people should have clear signs where to find the item they want. Harayuku has separate categories on their website, titled “Best Seller, Ladies, Men’s and Kids”. By clicking on any of these you will be directed to your specific genre, where you will see a visual picture of the item and the price tag just when you hover over the picture.

6. Keep a Consistent Brand Image

Apart from being active on social media, and posting regularly, you need to make sure that everything you put out there, is true to your brand's image and identity. Being consistent shows that you are good at something and that you have put a great deal into perfecting your product. With Harayuku, you can see that they have their main focus on kawaii and kawaii-related products. Thus, having your original concept in mind while promoting your online fashion brand on social media is bound to get you far.

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For example, if your shop hosts more unique and colorful pieces, sticking to that and keeping pieces that are coherent with your brand's image will make more sense, rather than keeping all kinds of pieces. With all the fabulous trends going in and out of fashion, it's important to stay updated and adapt your style without compromising on your brand's initial concept.


Although digital marketing might seem easy and can increase sales turnaround, it requires hard work and dedication. Thus, if you want to know how to promote your online fashion brand on social media successfully, just follow the tips above and you can easily drive more traffic into your e-commerce website. Knowing what timing and where to showcase your ads will help increase your brand awareness and thus lead to an increase in your community too.

So go ahead and use these tips to your advantage! We wish you and your business all the best!