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How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts 2

 Whether you’re a digital marketer, influencer or business owner, you might have to create and manage multiple social media accounts. Social media has proven to be one of the best platforms to use for marketing. Approximately 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media accounts, with the average user spending 147 minutes a day on these platforms. This makes social media a great platform for reaching out to and attracting new clients. But how do you go about creating and managing multiple accounts?

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the challenges of creating multiple social media accounts. We’ll also discuss the essential tools you need to start creating and effortlessly managing these accounts. One of the required tools is residential proxies; check out this article to learn how these work. 

Challenges With Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

One of social media marketers’ biggest challenges is creating and managing multiple social media accounts. This is because social media accounts are very strict about how many accounts can be created or managed from the same IP address. This number is ridiculously low as it’s only meant to allow a single household to use social media accounts from the same IP address. You can only create and manage a maximum of five accounts per IP address. If you create more than this, you may find your accounts receiving an IP ban.

Another challenge is creating an account in one country but having a manager from another country manage the account. Multiple logins from different parts of the world will look suspicious to the social media platforms. Why would a user log in from the USA one day and Japan the next? This could also lead to an IP ban as the platform may be wary of an account being hacked.

Why Should You Use Proxies To Manage Multiple Accounts

The best way to start managing multiple social media accounts without an IP ban is to use residential proxies. These proxies are linked to real devices with their own IP addresses. This means accounts linked to these IPs will appear as legitimate accounts, not just bots or fake accounts. Residential proxies are usually linked to vast pools of IP addresses, which means you have access to many IP addresses to create accounts. We recommend only creating one social media profile per proxy. However, if you decide to use specialized social media proxies, you can create up to four accounts. These are virgin proxies that have never been used to create accounts on these platforms, so you won’t get a ban by creating a couple of accounts. However, we don’t recommend making more than four per IP address.

Aside from just avoiding IP bans and making it possible to create multiple accounts, your residential proxy can also be linked to social media automation tools and bots that can direct vast amounts of traffic to your content and scale your engagement. The proxy will offer these tools and bots a layer of security so that they don’t get banned.

Benefits Of Using Proxies To Manage Social Media Accounts

Before deciding if you need a proxy to manage multiple social media accounts, let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Residential and social media proxies are more reliable as they are linked to real devices and are less likely to be banned.
  • You have full control since these private proxies aren’t shared with other users, allowing them to make changes.
  • Proxies make it easier to scale your marketing operations.

Other Things To Keep Your Accounts Active

While proxies are a requirement to create and manage multiple accounts by themselves, they don’t lessen the workload. Can you imagine the time and effort it will take to create and optimize content for ten accounts? Many businesses and social marketers manage way more than just ten accounts. In some cases, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds. This is where social media automation tools come into play. You can use these tools alongside your proxies to automate certain processes and tasks. 

Social media automation tools can schedule posts, collect data and reports, perform basic customer service and social commerce and manage your ads. You can also use social media bots to drive traffic to your content, making it appear sought after so that the platform will recommend it to more users. However, it’s important to know that this should only be used as a way to grow your account. You should still create quality content that adds value to those that see it.

Final Thoughts

Managing social media accounts can be rather difficult if you find yourself in a position where you need more than five. However, using a residential proxy will allow you to create and manage multiple accounts without getting banned, as you can link each social account to a different IP address from the providers’ pool.