How BTS Became a Global Social Media Phenomenon
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It is easy to wonder how a small band of mainly Korean-speaking boys has stolen the hearts of millions of people worldwide and indeed, dominating the music industry at such a global scale is no small feat. However, after understanding why BTS became a social media phenomenon, you can see how people all over the world are slowly becoming more steadily obsessed with this K-pop group and are signing up to be dedicated members of its ever-growing fan base.

How BTS Became a Global Social Media Phenomenon

International Appearances

The band appeared in international settings and performed at multiple different award shows which had a global audience. They collaborated with different internationally popular artists such as Troy Sivan, Halsey and Ed Sheeran. BTS made their official debut on television by their incredible performance at the American Music Awards, and then went on to have another performance at the Grammy Awards. Along with this, they appeared on different TV shows that have a multinational audience, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Dance Skills

Dance Skills
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The main reason people why love their performances is due to their amazing choreography and complicated dance moves. One of their music videos even won an award for Best Choreography, which further attests to their incredible dance skills. The group is coordinated and unbelievably elegant when performing any their songs; whenever they grace the stage with their well-rehearsed moves, it always leaves the audience yearning for more.

Appealing to a Global Audience

Their charisma is almost magnetic, and BTS became a social media phenomenon all across the world with their playful antics and boyish charm. Not only that, but they have also redefined masculinity in a global audience, showcasing different members wearing makeup and sometimes whimsical costumes, while still managing to retain their likeability. BTS songs have been streamed on Spotify more than 5 billion times, and the K-pop band was also nominated for an award in the Favorite Social Artist category at the American Music Awards.

Explore Different Genres of Pop

Explore Different Genres of Pop
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The K-pop, or Korean pop, genre is unique in and of itself as it combines many different styles of music and incorporates R&B, hip hop, rock, rap and even electronic music. This gives K-pop bands a lot of opportunity to be versatile with their music, and BTS made full use of this by creating songs in different styles and genres, thereby increasing their appeal to a global audience.

Music Videos are a Cinematic Masterpiece

One big reason why BTS became a social media phenomenon is that each of their music videos is both engaging and elegant. Not only are the dance moves well-choreographed and meticulously practiced, but the cinematography, lighting and production are indeed a work of creative genius. This increases the bands viewership, and also entices the audience, as they are constantly intrigued by the amazing videos. It is no wonder that their song Dynamite broke international records by being viewed 101.1 million times in a single day.

“Stan Twitter” Can Be Powerful

The band members all engage with their fan base on social media, namely with the help of Twitter. BTS has a joint account, which increases the number of followers and amasses their loyal fans in one place. This is why each tweet made by a member of BTS gets at least 300,000 engagements. Indeed, the members of the BTS fandom shocked everyone when a record number of 300 million people cast online votes to make sure that the group won the Billboard No. 1 Award.

BigHit – Strategic Advertising

BTS emerged onto the K-pop scene at a time when big record labels in Korea were dominating the industry. The company BigHit was a new name at the time and, since other idols were making use of local TV channels and home-based media outlets to publicize their work, they decided to use social media to broadcast their music. This proved to be an incredibly well planned strategy and, over the years, they amassed around 23.6 million loyal followers on Twitter. By now, they even have 30 million followers on Instagram.

ARMY – Biggest Global Fan Base

The BTS fan base is known as ARMY, an international collective of K-pop enthusiasts who routinely collaborate together to discuss their favorite band and also curate BTS-related content on social media. This is a powerful tool as it creates a unique online environment where they can garner support from their admirers.  This is how they were able to raise so much money for charitable causes and vote for the band to win its international BBMA award.

Subject Matter

BTS is widely known for speaking up about social issues, and they have even used their influence to raise money for charitable causes. Being the only K-pop band to address the UN on violence, BTS also managed to donate $1 million to the BLM movement. The group also routinely talks about topics like classism, mental health, bullying and chasing your dreams.

Genuine and Relatable

One of the most appealing things about the group is their magnetic stage presence and their ability to draw people in with their charisma. However, the members also share their daily activities on social media and even engage with their twitter followers personally by showcasing their very own sense of style.


It is easy to see why the BTS members have become the heartthrobs for an entire generation of people and, indeed, the most incredible thing about the group seems to be their inspirational words and their unbelievable talent.

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We hope that our article has cleared up any queries you might have had about BTS’s rise to social media fame.