EpicGadgets Shows Us the Best Gadgets for Instagram
EpicGadgets Shows Us the Best Gadgets for Instagram 5

In the social media world of today, it is easy to see platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter garnering attention due to their wide reach. Most of these sites require engaging content along with stunning, eye catching graphics. Of course it helps to have some additional technical support in the form of photography devices but, when scouring the internet for the best gadgets for Instagram, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices offered.

In this article, we have included a comprehensive list of items to help you take any Instagram photos to the next level. These will ensure that your Instagram account has beautiful and vibrant photos that appeal to a wider audience, and ensure that your content is always undeniably amazing.

The Best Gadgets for Instagram: Top 4 Picks

1. Mini LED Desktop Ring Light with Tripod

Mini LED Desktop Ring Light with Tripod
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Although the smartphones being released these days boast high quality cameras, a phone simply doesn’t provide its user with a tool kit to take high resolution photos. Therefore, the first and most obvious choice for this list is a ring light. Without it, you will find that all Instagram selfie videos will be much harder to take and the end result will be a darkened and poor quality video that will not boost engagement with your followers on Instagram. This is a low budget method of ensuring the quality of any social media account, as you will not have to purchase any extra device with is.

Quality Features

This incredible 14-inch round light comes with 3 different modes: namely warm, light and bright. The proper utilization of these settings is essential to getting better looking pictures, as lighting can be an exceptionally important factor in assessing the quality of your photos. It also features a 360-degree rotating bracket, which is an amazing aspect as it allows the user to make use of landscape and portrait photography and ensures that the end result will be a spectacular photo. In addition to this, the tripod is both stable and flexible, allowing it to bend in any direction to guarantee a better photograph.

2. RC Foldable Selfie Drone

RC Foldable Selfie Drone
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In today’s world of striking visuals, it is important now more than ever to have equipment that creates high quality photographs, especially if one is utilizing social media in order to generate interest in their brand identity. For this reason, social medial influencers, upcoming brands and small businesses who want superior quality videos usually take the help of a drone camera to capture wide angle shots in high resolution.

Quality Features

This is an exceptionally well built product comes equipped with cameras underneath the UAV, which allow for more intriguing angles. It also has a built-in feature to take photographs using simple hand gestures. Not only does it have an impressive range of 50 m but it also has full flight duration of 20 minutes after only one hour of charging. In addition to this, it boasts a 360-degree tilt function and is easily foldable, easily making it one of the best gadgets for Instagram influencers.

3. USB-Charged LED Selfie Ring Light for Cell Phones

USB-Charged LED Selfie Ring Light for Cell Phones
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It is essential to make use of gadgets that enhance the background lighting for your photos, as it boosts up the quality of your content and ensures that your followers are always blown away by your amazing photography skills. No social media influencer or brand strategist wants to use bad quality content for their social media platform and, at times, it is essential to make use of gadgets that enhance the capability of your smartphone, thereby resulting in a photo that is gorgeous and appeals to a wider audience.

Quality Features

The LED selfie ring light makes use of LED multi-source dense distribution in order to make the device have an even glow of light. This is a very portable product and one can easily change the brightness with the simple push of a button. Three pushes activate an SOS signal, thereby making it incredibly intelligent to keep this product on you at all times during travel. The USB outlet makes it easy to charge, and gives potential customers the option of connecting it directly to their phone whilst filming. It also boasts a 3-stage light setting and comes packed with 36 improved LED lights.

4. Portable Cellphone Selfie LED Flash Clip

During nighttime, you can utilize this product to enhance the fuzzy details in the background of the picture and improve the overall look of the photograph. Many big names in the social media world utilize extra light sources in order to improve the quality of their pictures and in doing so, they guarantee better engagement on each post in the form of likes, shares, saves and comments.

Quality Features

This product is a must buy for Instagrammers on the go, as it can easily fit into the pocket of a handbag or purse, and is designed to be both portable and efficient. Crafted out of high-end materials, this stylish light only needs a small clip to fix to the top of any smartphone and it will immediately create the desired ambience. It comes with three modes and also contains 36-LED lights that last much longer compared to others. There is also a no-slip sponge that is scratch-resistant to prevent marks on your phone.


Having better photographs on social media, particularly on Instagram, helps to boost awareness of different products and also helps generate interest for up and coming brands, as well as shows and other cultural events. However, to truly harness the power of these platforms, it is essential to have the right products. Websites such as are a great place to search for low budget devices that can increase the quality of your pictures and help them be more appealing to a wider audience.