If you have always felt that your soul is from another time, then you are not alone. The love for everything old-timey, medieval clothing and Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is something that you can share with us and a surprisingly large online community. There’s something so otherworldly about waifs dressed in gowns, and cloaks that make you feel like Robin Hood. If you are looking to dress up as your favorite character from the War of the Roses and go to a convention to meet like-minded people, then you have come to the right place. This article is a comprehensive guide to figuring out what works for you and where you can find the best medieval clothing and LARP.

What is Medieval Clothing?

What is Medieval Clothing
Dunkelwolf is Your Destination for Medieval Clothing and LARP 6

When we think of medieval clothing, we usually think of British drama actors dressed in tunics, cloaks and jackets with intricate embroidery that always means something, or with shirts that are laced and have crisscrossed patterns for fastening.

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Medieval refers to the period between the 5th and 6th centuries. This period did witness stitching but it remained somewhat simplistic even when there was a great deal of artistry to the designs and embroidery. Men were often seen wearing knee-length linen and their tunics were made from an unrefined woolen material. For the winter seasons, cloaks and jackets were layered and for summers, the light tunics were more common. Women wore large gowns that were cinched at the waist. The construction of the gowns was much more simplistic as it gave way to the design of the elaborate French gowns and dresses seen in the 15th and 6th centuries and especially the Elizabethan era.

What is LARP? 

LARP is the acronym/slang derivation for the everyday use of the term Live Action Role Play. LARP refers to the physical portrayal of the character from games based on medieval times and consists of the same elements as period dramas. Live Action Role Playing is a hobby and has a considerably large target audience.

If you have ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons, then you know just the kind of crowd we are referring to. There is a great deal of magic, fantasy and literary influence involved. LARP is the ‘nerdiest’ you can get, so you have to bring your very best. Just like in theatre, the character taken from a game has a purpose, a storyline, a righthand, a nemesis and most importantly, a pre-determined concept that has to be adopted and executed when LARP-ing. Role-playing events are organized to create a specific setting that caters to the storylines and contributing elements of the different characters involved. There are many rules to follow and the most important one is the accuracy of the costumes or the ‘garments’, because it helps create the ambiance required to role-play.

Dunkelwolf- One-Stop Destination for Medieval Clothing and LARP

Dunkelwolf- One-Stop Destination for Medieval Clothing and LARP
Dunkelwolf is Your Destination for Medieval Clothing and LARP 7

Dunkelwolf is your one-stop destination for all your LARP needs. They provide their customers with premium medieval clothing, that is designed keeping in mind the characters that they wish to recreate. Gone are the days of fashioning a gown with an old curtain and lousy DIY. The premium clothing brand Dunkelwolf offers you a wide selection of genres, themes, clothing categories, accessories and more so that you can always look like the most authentic LARPer in the mix. 


Steampunk, our personal favorite, gives customers the ideal selection of the steampunk movement that reminisces the 1800s’ industrial revolution era. They can dress you up as The Tinkerer/Inventor, The Street Urchin, The Explorer and so much more. They also feature exciting Asian fashion collections and modern wings. 

LARP Leather Armor

The trickiest bit of any costume is the armor. Fret not, Dunkelwolf offers you a wide selection of braces, breastplates, shin guards and weaponry so that you can show up as the King that you know you are. 

Medieval Fashion

The medieval Fashion collection has the most exquisite jewelry pieces that are worth collecting. Even if you are not into role playing, you will want to get your hands on the stunning pocket watches. Their Gothic fashion is every emo kid’s dream. 

Medieval Fashion
Dunkelwolf is Your Destination for Medieval Clothing and LARP 8

Dunkelwolf’s Bestsellers: Hit or Miss? 

Adjustable Attack on Titan Recon Corps Harness Belt

The Adjustable Attack on Titan Recon Corps Harness Belt is a great costume accessory and will get you into the commander vibe with minimal effort. It is easy to carry and has been bought enough times to be considered a favorite amongst the LARPer community.

Over-The-Knee Eren Jaeger Ackerman Attack on Titan Boots

You can’t go wrong with Over-The-Knee Eren Jeager Ackerman Attack on Titan boots. They have been trending for as far back as we can remember. When you get them, you are just getting a more authentic version of the shoes that everyone’s wearing these days. They will make you feel more accurately in character.

High Quality Attack on Titan Eren Levi Cosplay Jacket

Is it even considered to be a cosplay jacket if it is this cute? We recommend buying the High Quality Attack on Titan Eren Levi Cosplay Jacket for its authentic design, its fabric quality and the fact that you can wear it over a black dress any day to add some color and personality to your outfit.


Dunkelwolf has got everything you need to go LARPing. They have an exquisite collection of medieval clothing, steampunk fashion, gothic fashion items and collector’s jewelry pieces, all of which are available on If you are looking to buy your next LARP costume then look no further. The Dunkelwolf collection is extensive and their products are high quality so that you can not only recreate your favorite game character, but also wear the adorable costumes as everyday accessories outside of the world of medieval clothing and LARP.

We hope that our article has answered any queries you had about Dunkelwolf.