Email marketing is trending now more than ever, even after all these years. A study by McKinsey & Company shows that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media today. They proceed to say that the conversion process is 4 times faster with this marketing tool. Right now, email marketing is indispensable for most businesses and organizations.

However, for a good and effective strategy, you need email validation.

Email validation tools are widely used these days. They are used to enhance marketing campaigns and make them more effective. By using such tools, you can boost the email list-building process and generate high-quality leads.

Why do you need email validation

It’s safe to say that the prerequisite for a good campaign is a big, but also quality email list. The people in this list are actual leads, people with valid addresses and potential interest in what you have to offer.

This is where email validation comes into the picture. Companies all around the world use a variety of tools that help them validate email IDs and optimize their mailing list. Such tools have features that allow them to find addresses they can contact, verify their authenticity, and even correct invalid addresses in a list. 

With the right tool, you can get amazing insights in the form of analytics and reports that will help you boost your email marketing strategy and figure out new ways to generate more leads.

Not everyone who signs up for your newsletter or to get a freebie on the site will provide the right email address. Some will make an unintentional mistake while typing or intentionally write a different address. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of addresses in your list for people that might not be in charge of making purchase decisions.

Some companies leave generic addresses on forms for lead generation, which are a dead-end for all of your marketing campaigns. Finally, some people leave unauthentic addresses as a security precaution.

All these things make your email list much smaller than it is, and your strategies far less effective than you hoped. If you aren’t getting as many open rates and responses, this is something that needs to improve.

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It’s safe to say that a cleaner, validated email list is more likely to succeed. This will improve the open and click-through rate, help you reach the target audience, and maximize the potential of your marketing strategy.

The top 10 features to look for in email verification tools

There are now tons of options for email verification that vary in pricing, capabilities, as well as features. To make this the most effective it can be, you should make your choice carefully. Below you’ll find a list of features that a great email validation tool should offer you.

  1. Real-time email validation API for bulk email verification

API refers to the ‘application programming interface’. An API will connect a variety of programs or devices. This is a software interface that offers services to other pieces of software. 

When you’re choosing an email validation tool, picking one that already has a built-in API is always a smart idea. Abstract, a brand with the biggest suite of APIs has listed a list of the best bulk email verification tools with and without real-time API validation. You can go through their list to find a tool that already has this embedded into it, which will save you tons of time, effort, as well as money.

  1. Bulk email finder

Let’s say you have tons of data that could potentially grow your email list but it’s nothing as it is right now. A lot of the time, behavioral analytics and social media will provide you with things like the first or last name of a prospective customer, or the name of their company and domain. 

If you want to be smart in business, you cannot let go of these possibilities. Each of these names can be turned into a lead with the right content and the right tool. It all starts by finding their valid email IDs.

With the right tool, you can use the bulk email-finding feature and generate a list of accurate, authentic email IDs for the companies and people you are targeting. Such a feature can result in a large list of information regarding your best leads. You can provide it with company names, first or second names, domains, or something similar. As a result, you’ll get some email IDs associated with those names. 

  1. Simple installation and use

Some email validation tools are good, but they are not worth the trouble. The installation and usage are complex and have a steep learning curve, which will take you a lot of time that you probably don’t have. 

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That’s why one of the best features of email validation tools is simplicity in installation and use. After all, these should help you save time and generate leads for you, not take forever to learn. 

With the right tool, you can install and get leads with the click of a button, without the need for extra training or practice. 

  1. Email verifier feature

Email validation tools often have this feature that allows you to check the correctness and authenticity of IDs you have on hand. They’ll pull out any invalid IDs based on the domain, syntax, and generic designation. This means that, with the click of a button, you can eliminate addresses that don’t belong in your email list. 

Sending out email campaign messages to invalid or inactive email addresses is not only non-effective, but it can also put your messages in the spam folder on addresses that are actual leads. Cleaning them up is one way to eliminate the chance of people not getting your message.

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  1. Domain search feature

Great email validation tools have a feature that allows you to search for domains. Essentially, these tools have the goal of connecting you with the right people by finding their authentic addresses. With this particular feature, you can easily learn who are the decision-makers in that business, and how to reach out to them. 

In a domain search feature, you can just use the domain name of the company, and the tool will look for people that you should contact to get in touch with that brand. It will analyze websites, provide you with relevant company information, and in some cases, even tell you about the quality of the lead in question.

  1. Lead mining

There’s a feature that will help you retrieve information about potential leads, analyze the lead quality, and determine if they are worthy of your time and effort. The lead mining feature in the email validation tool won’t just tell you how to contact a lead. It will also provide some context and give you data that you can use for your future marketing strategies. 

In other words, lead mining is an amazing source of information that will help you make data-driven decisions.

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  1. Integrations

Email validation tools with integration capabilities give you tons of new options to boost your marketing strategy. If you have the chance to integrate the tool with others, you are adding extra features to it.

For example, an email validation tool can have browser extensions, which will make it simple for you to check the email IDs on the fly. They’ll crawl the companies’ sites and return IDs that are valid and relevant.  Learn more about how to save money when using e-mail integrations.

  1. Customization features

The majority of email validation tools these days have some kind of customization to offer you. The best ones have tons of them, allowing you to fine-tune the tool to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

Since you’re looking for something to improve your strategy, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is not a good idea here. Focus on finding a tool with high customizability, one that will let you add and remove features, have various integration capabilities with other solutions you’re using, etc. 

  1. Analytics and reports

Analytics is an amazing feature that you should be looking for in the email validation tool you’re considering. By using such a tool, you’ll get accurate and actionable reports that you can use to make better decisions. 

The email reports and analytics features will tell you how you’re performing in terms of lead generation, and give you an overview of how your strategy is working at the moment. Based on this, you can make changes to improve it.

10 Prime Features of Best Email Validation Tools


  1. High data security

You’ll be giving the tool access to some very important data for your business. Email marketing is crucial for the success of many companies, so you must make sure that none of your customer information is compromised because you picked the wrong validation tool. 

These tools crawl websites online to pull out important information about business people and your target audience. To keep everything private and safe, top-rated tools use high-level encryption and make sure that all the information is safe. 

Bottom line

This list might seem long, but these are, in fact, the most important features that your email validation tool should have. You’ll come across many other features and capabilities, but if a tool doesn’t have at least most of the things you read here, it’s best to move on and keep looking.