Top 6 Influencer Merchandising that you must follow in 2022
Top 6 du merchandising des influenceurs que tu dois suivre en 2022. 7

On social media, you have thousands of fans. What's next? If you're searching for a means to boost your revenue or improve your popularity after your growth has plateaued, selling merchandise can be a good option. The majority of participation and interaction in today's digital environment begins online. However, this might lead to a gap between influencers and their fans. Although, we're communicating more than before, the digital mode of communication prevents visible expressions of commitment. 

It's critical to create high-quality, eye-grabbing innovator merchandise to keep following further than the 7-second focus and concentration. Here's a glance at the best influencer merchandising firms on the market today now to get you inspired for your own branded merchandise ideas.

1. Teespring

Top 6 du merchandising des influenceurs que tu dois suivre en 2022. 8
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Teespring is a simple end-to-end influencer merchandising option that makes business by selling products online a breeze. It's one of the most successful online retail sales to publish items. That implies there are no out-of-pocket expenses and no danger. Influencers may use the Teespring Launcher to place their logos and messages on over 50 goods and use TeespringGo for customized shipping and procurement.

Teespring has technological partnerships with YouTube, Twitch, and Streamlabs, as well as brand partnerships with well-known firms like Champion. Influencers to manage everything after the transaction trust Teespring, including producing goods, delivery, customer support, supporting exchanges, and payments.

2. MerchLabs

Top 6 du merchandising des influenceurs que tu dois suivre en 2022. 9
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MerchLabs is a turn-key merchandising platform that comes with no risk, no stock, and no extra fees. Performers, athletes, and other celebrities frequently employ them. MerchLabs not only allows you to make goods, but they also provide an e-commerce site where you can offer your items. Jenna and Julien, The Fitness Marshall, Kali Muscle, and others are among MerchLabs' collaborators.

3. Killer Merch

Killer Merch
Top 6 du merchandising des influenceurs que tu dois suivre en 2022. 10

Killer Merch offers robust quality standards with cutting-edge technology and applications. They can help your business grow by offering innovative professional websites, digital marketing, and SEO services. With your e-commerce business, Killer Merch also provides social media connectivity and email campaigns resulting in increase in followers and likes via agencies such as Galaxy Marketing. It also has collaborators with whom they partner to develop web ads for your target demographic, as well as relevant data analytics to assist in making critical decisions. This platform can deliver almost whatever you need, quickly, owing to its in-house design staff and international printing vendors.

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4. Fanjoy

Top 6 du merchandising des influenceurs que tu dois suivre en 2022. 11

Fanjoy is a well-known influencer merchandising and brand-building platform for online entrepreneurs. Chris Vaccarino, the Founder, was inspired to create Fanjoy while on the street selling merchandise for his brother's group. Fanjoy is situated in Los Angeles, but they deliver globally. Fanjoy draws a connection among followers and influencers by offering a platform for influencers to generate useful items that their audience would like.

 They provide a cutting-edge platform for influencers to make products with no service charges. Avani, Addison Rae, Chase, Hudson, Trey Kennedy, and others are among the social media influencers who use Fanjoy.

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5. Printify

They try to make the way of collecting and manufacturing at the greatest prices possible by streamlining and automating it. You begin by selecting an item from the Printify catalog's more than 200 options. After that, add graphics to your goods using Printify's mockup builder. You can quickly upload layouts, change colors, and see how your products will look with high-resolution photos. You can then obtain trials to ensure that your final product is precisely what you want, or you can try out a variety of products. Simply post your final product to your online storefront after you're satisfied with it.

6. Spreadshop

Spreadshop is an international merchandise system that combines everything you'll need to make and sell your products through the internet. You don't have to bother about financing, manufacturing, order processing, or delivery because they have an online system and produce things on request. You may easily adapt the e-commerce platform to match your online marketplace to your business. Spreadshop involves establishing retail prices for your merchandise.

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 It also deducts the product's standard rate when it sells and pays you the extra remainder in a monthly distribution. You may even conduct marketing offers to get your fans to return by giving deals.


To conclude, Influencer merchandising is a brilliant way for influencers of all sorts to earn more money while also growing their following. You'll be well on your way to achieving your influencer goals if you use one of the merchandise companies we've discussed to create significant products with interesting designs.