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It is hard to find someone who doesn’t use Facebook. That is how popular it is! Facebook is a widely preferred social networking platform. It helps people in connecting with their family, friends, and a lot of people from all over the world. Naturally, numerous people search for how to download Facebook every day. 

Be it an Android or iOS device, it surely has the Facebook app. Numerous people are curious about the likes on their posts. Nowadays, we find it as a default application in some smartphones. In case you wish to know how to download Facebook and use it on your device, here is how to do it. 

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How to Download Facebook?

Facebook works on different devices like smartphones, PC, tablets, etc. We can find both Android and iOS versions of the app based on the device used. Let’s see how Facebook downloads on different devices work on different Operating Systems. See how to Download Facebook.

Smartphone :

Smartphones are the go-to devices for almost everything that we do. Most people usually access their Facebook handles using their mobile phones themselves. So, here is how we can download the application on a mobile phone. 

  • For Android users, go to the ‘Google Play Store.’ If you use an iPhone, go to the ‘App Store’ on your mobile. 
  • In the ‘Search’ bar, type ‘Facebook.’ Since it is one of the must-have apps for most people, we can easily find it on the homepage without searching for it. In case you don’t find it, use the search bar. 
  • You’ll find the app appearing as soon as you click on ‘enter.’ Select the app and click on ‘install.’ 

In the case of a mobile, the device automatically downloads and installs the application without us having to do anything. All we need to do here is to find the application and select the ‘install’ option. How to Download Facebook?

Bureau :

Be it a PC or a laptop, there are different versions of Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. You need to find the right app and app version based on your system’s software requirements. The download and installation processes are the same for all the devices. The difference lies in the app’s version and the ‘Store’ used to download the app. The following are the steps to download Facebook on different devices. 

  • Go to the ‘Store’ option on your device. As in Windows Store or the others relevant to the OS, your system runs on. 
  • On the ‘Search’ bar, type ‘Facebook.’ As we mentioned above, you can easily find Facebook on the Store. If case it isn’t so, you can search for it. 
  • Click on the desired app version and select ‘Free,’ ‘Install,’ or whatever option your applications’ Store displays. 
  • Follow the instructions and complete the download. 
Comment télécharger Facebook
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Pendant l'installation, on nous demandera de choisir différents paramètres comme les notifications de bureau, la synchronisation des comptes, etc. Ces choix sont les vôtres. Sélectionner ou désélectionner les options requises et terminer le processus d'installation. Une fois la procédure terminée et l'application Facebook configurée, tu peux te connecter à ton compte Facebook à l'aide de tes identifiants.

Version Lite de Facebook :

Facebook propose une version "Lite" pour les versions mobile et de bureau de l'application. La version Lite fonctionne de la même manière que la version principale. Il nécessite moins d'espace de stockage et fonctionne plus rapidement. Différentes actions comme les commentaires sont faciles à réaliser sur la version Lite. Si ton smartphone n'a pas assez d'espace ou si la version principale bloque le téléphone, tu peux télécharger la version Lite. Voici la procédure à suivre :

  • You can find the Facebook Lite version either on the ‘Google Play Store,’ ‘App Store,’ or the ‘Facebook Lite Website.’ 
  • Click on the desired app and proceed with the installation process based on the instruction flow. 

Pour l'instant, la version Lite pour les utilisateurs d'iOS n'est disponible que dans certaines régions. Il faut donc vérifier les exigences avant de l'installer.

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