As though Facebook needed more to stress over, presently it's anything but a developing client care issue on its pointers. Facebook individuals whose records have been incapacitated—some, all things considered, some not—are progressively disappointed with the organization's haziness with regards to why my Facebook account is disabled or attempting to sort out what they fouled up. They discover that their records have been killed and admittance to the site and all their information is denied, in some cases without even a notice. Facebook's client support reps, who must be reached using email and are naturally overstretched, are not extremely responsive.

Étant donné que Facebook ne fait pas de son mieux pour converser avec ses clients, ceux-ci conversent progressivement les uns avec les autres. Les (anciens) clients en difficulté courent ailleurs sur l'internet pour s'agiter mutuellement. Un site permettant aux clients de sympathiser, nommé Satisfaction, a récemment fait l'objet de nombreuses conversations sur les stratégies d'invalidation des records de Facebook. Il est donc conseillé d'obtenir des followers de bonne qualité, car il arrive que l'on soit désactivé sans aucune raison.

Comment se rendre compte que son compte Facebook a été désactivé ?

On the off chance that one's Facebook account has subsisted to be crippled, you'll see a message saying that your record is incapacitated when you attempt to sign in. On the off chance that you don't see an impaired message when you attempt to sign in, you may be having an alternate login issue. Figure out how to fix issues with signing in.

Pourquoi mon compte Facebook est-il désactivé ?
Pourquoi mon compte Facebook est-il désactivé ? 4

Pour quelle raison mon dossier est-il affaibli ?

Nous débilitons les comptes Facebook qui ne respecteront probablement pas les conditions d'utilisation de Facebook. Voici quelques modèles :

1. Publier des images ou des vidéos qui ne respectent pas les conditions d'utilisation de Facebook.

2. L'utilisation d'un faux nom.

3. Imiter quelqu'un.

4. Adopter un comportement qui n'est pas autorisé sur Facebook et qui va à l'encontre de nos normes communautaires.

5. Atteindre d'autres personnes dans le but de les harceler, de leur faire de la publicité, de les faire progresser ou de leur donner une autre orientation qui n'est pas autorisée.

There are numerous reasons why my facebook account is disabled or as to why Facebook may impair your record, encompassing not utilising your genuine name, posting hostile substance, scratching the site, joining a large number of gatherings, sending a large number of messages, "jabbing" an excessive number of individuals or sending a similar message too often. A significant number of these arrangements are focused on spammers. Facebook needs to keep a check on friendly spam or, in all likelihood, it could drive individuals away. In any case, it seems like Facebook is deciding in favor of authorising its strategies.

Pourquoi mon compte Facebook est-il désactivé ?
Pourquoi mon compte Facebook est-il désactivé ? 5

Comment puis-je réagir si mon dossier a été altéré ?

If you believe that your record was impaired unintentionally as it is the right to know as to why my facebook account is disabled, And therefore facebook asks to kindly utilise the structure to demand a survey.

N'oubliez pas que, de temps en temps, Facebook peut ne pas donner d'avertissement avant de paralyser votre dossier. Ils ne peuvent pas non plus rétablir les comptes qui ont été suspendus pour cause d'infraction extrême.

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Incapacité de Facebook : Conclusion

1. Survey Facebook's declaration that is Rights and Responsibilities following the client's needs and desires. There exists Facebook's terms of utilisation for the site. Guarantee that you didn't abuse any of these guidelines as a Facebook client.

2. Survey Facebook's Community Standards. The surveying happens to be an overall rundown of the sorts of conduct and posts Facebook doesn't permit on its site. Guarantee that you didn't participate in any such thing or post any substance that abused these norms.

3. Communicate with Facebook by touring Facebook Help Center after composing the "debilitated" in the hunt field. Snap "My own Facebook account is impaired" starting from the drop menu that shows up. Look at the passage simply over the "Security Disabled" area. Snap the "here" connect in the section to explore the Facebook contact structure for disabled profiles. Cram in the structure, including any insights regarding why you trust Facebook has wrongly crippled your record. Snap the blue "Submit" icon underneath the structure to deliver it. Facebook will reach you whenever it's anything but a ruling about your record.