Working Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement
Working Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement 5

Did you find that your interaction with Facebook has been on a downward spiral lately?

No reason for panic.

While the latest Facebook algorithm updates have a lot of advertisers worried, the update isn't as frightening as it appears.

The short story? Facebook calls on brands to reconsider how they receive their posts with likes, comments and shares.

Facebook, for example, clearly battles against interaction bait and spammy strategies that they see as undercutting their algorithms.

Facebook algorithm updates
Working Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement 6

The takeaway here is that what may have worked well in the past may not fly today for brands.

And that's precisely why marketers need an clear engagement strategy for Facebook, if they still want the sweet, organic scope.

You don't need to either delete your current Facebook account or start over from scratch. Instead, you actually need to think how to set up your posts for greater interaction. Below we outlined a few methods for doing just that.

Let's take a look at how Facebook can improve engagement:

1. Tap on Right Time to Post

The more a post receives attention, the more likely the Facebook algorithm is to reward it with scope.

This may sound a little outdated, but it speaks to the value of perfecting your posts.

Through posting your followers when they are most interested, you immediately increasing the chance of having feedback and likes.

And yes, the best times for posting on social media are data-driven, and will show you what your posting schedule will look like.

The trick here is not merely posting at random and anticipating interaction. Using the map below, and reviewing your history post engagement, you will zero in on a realistic schedule.

Tap on Right Time to Post
Working Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement 7

2. Concentrate on Fan-Centric material

When it comes to their material, many brands make the mistake of placing themselves in a box.

Let's presume the sandwich shop runs a Facebook account. Would you post sandwich related material exclusively?

Clearly not.

For example, there's just so much about your brand or company that can really be said on a regular basis. As soon as your content starts to sound repetitive or outdated, your audience is ready to tune in.

Here's some food for thought: You're not all about your Facebook stuff. This is for fans of yours. They may like you, but that doesn't mean they just want to hear about you the entire day. Once you start to integrate the idea into your approach, it becomes much more practical to increase Facebook engagement.

3. Analyze your favorite Content

Often, looking inwards is the secret to growing Facebook interaction.

Let's say you've got a post which knocks it out of the park. Tons of shares and comments, and plenty of support in the comment section.

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Instead of viewing the post as an anomaly, you can take action now to replicate the same social magic again.

That may have been an accidental joke. That may have been an epic case study.

Anyway, instead of playing guessing games you should have a pulse on your top-performing material. Once again, the engagement of your fans is crucial for knowing what to publish.

4. Step up the Photo Game

Visual content on Facebook totally kills it – plain and simple.

Photos make up the vast majority of the platform's content, signalling that people would prefer a visual rather than a text connection or wall to communicate with. And if you want to boost your interaction with Facebook, get visual.

The type of photos you post however make a big difference in results.

Most budding companies make the mistake of relying on stock photographs or pictures taken from elsewhere instead of making their own content.

Brands should instead aspire to demonstrate the personality behind their brand. There's a reason why images "in the wild" are so common with big brands, as are employee tales.

It's the social network after all, not the stock photo-network.

Remember, bear in mind that photos can be effective tools to inspire serial scrollers to pause and look at your posts in their tracks. Images usually do well which contain striking colors and breathtaking landscapes.

5. Make Comments & Answers a priority

Improving your engagement with the Facebook page is not a "one and done" affair.

When anyone takes the time to comment on your post, you can give back yourself the favour.

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Consumers tend to communicate with brands predominantly, which is why so many businesses are awarded more interactions when reacting to comments.

And by the way: in today's social room, the responses have become standards. Provided that individuals value a social answer within four hours of posting, a game-changer is timely response.

If nothing else, it shows you're listening to the fans taking the time to respond. It is a positive look from a branding perspective and will also promote more potential contact between fans.

If you don't have time to respond to every incoming message, you can build a Facebook Chatbot for you to do so!

6. Allow the most of your allies

After Facebook revealed that they would send users fewer brand messages, advertisers were understandably upset. Lower organic reach means advertisers are likely to have to spend more money on Facebook Ads in order to bring their advertising to the target audience.

Yet that — employee advocacy — is a way around it.

Rather than relying solely on your brand page to share your new content, why not ask your staff to do some of the heavy lifting?

Do you have an interaction plan for Facebook?

What matters most at the end of the day is actually getting some form of communication plan on Facebook. Time.

Looking at the top brands on Facebook, you'll find they're sharing and engaging regularly with followers. Dead pages on the flip side are the ones that just parrot their own material and make no attempt, well, to interact.

The good news, right? Without lifting a finger, you can start implementing these tips into your Facebook plan.

Even we would like to hear from you. How do you see the best brands do to win reviews and likes on Facebook? Contact us in the comments below!