Facebook is one social media where you can make a profile to connect to people, add photos, and comment on their pictures and timelines.

Given such a large community, there are chances of inappropriate comments like hate speech, bullying, or racist remarks being posted on the site.

Here a complete guide to why are comments hidden on Facebook.

Why are comments hidden on Facebook

Community Guidelines

Facebook works under a defined set of rules called the community guidelines. These guidelines govern and sensor the kind of content that would be posted on social media.

It is to prevent hateful texts or images from being circulated.

It is a part of maintaining internet etiquette on the website since given how large their user base is, there can be colossal repercussions of distributing such content.

Then why are comments hidden on Facebook?

If we haven’t already made it obvious, most of the comments hidden on the website have to do with violation of community guidelines.

End up violating any of their user etiquette demands, the platform deserves the right to censor you or your posts and comments.

You want to escape any such situation, you’d have to be careful on your part not to make any such comment.

What comes under the community guidelines?

Technically, the guidelines are “the basic minimum to maintaining a civil decency” on the platform.

So, doing one or more of the following things can count as a violation of the community guidelines: posting racist messages, pornographic content, abusing or bullying, using foul language, etc.

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Other reasons on why are comments hidden on Facebook

We’ve just talked about Facebook moderation. It refers to action(s) taken by the Facebook management team to censor your comments. It could be either instantly under auto-moderation. Or it could be under someone’s reporting of your content under one of the hateful categories. Either way, it’s the platform itself that’s censoring you here.

Why are comments hidden on Facebook

But did you know that individual users and pages can also censor/hide comments?

If you’re a user or a business with a page or an active profile, here’s telling you why you should and shouldn’t hide comments under your posts.

There’s a list of comments that you can always hide without remorse. Some of them include spam messages, offensive remarks, jokingly written comments by trolls to defame you or your business, etc. There’s a bunch of options alongside hiding the comments in such cases.

You can also choose to delete them off your page or post or ban the trolls from commenting ever again.

Here’s how all the three are different from each other

Hiding the comment

When you hide the comment on your post, only the commenter can now see it, and it is hidden from the rest of the audience.

Please note that Facebook doesn’t notify them of their comments being hidden.

This way, you can choose to remove the troll comments without them knowing of it.

Deleting the comment

If you feel that any of the comments are deeply offensive, you can choose to delete them right away.

Again, Facebook doesn’t tell people of their comments being deleted.

But they can know of this when trying to open their comment under the post and not finding it.


If you feel like the troll won’t stop commenting or spamming your comment section, go ahead and ban them from commenting on your posts.

They will never be able to make comments again if banned.

So, to answer why are comments hidden on Facebook, if you’ve followed all the community guidelines and still find any of your comments hidden or deleted, chances are the original poster has hidden/deleted it.

These are the reasons why are comments hidden on Facebook.