Facebook provides various tools for businesses to grow like the ad manager. It comes with various benefits when used properly. Where is ad manager on Facebook, and how can we use it? This is a common question arising in most people due to the constant updates. The following information helps you with Facebook’s ad manager tool.

Where is Ad Manager on Facebook?

Facebook hosts millions of users from all parts of the world. Sustaining the competition is tiring, owning to the latest algorithms coming from it. The best way to reach people is through the advertising column. If you are running ad campaigns on Facebook, its ad manager is the right tool for you.

Ad manager from Facebook does the following tasks:

  • Design new ads to publish on Facebook.
  • Control and optimize the possible ad bids.
  • Optimize the campaign’s performance by making necessary changes.
  • Focus on the different audiences through diverse ads.
  • Monitor the performance of each campaign.

Various other operations are also possible with an ad manager. It is natural to be more curious about the tool when the stakes are high. 

Finding the Ad Manager on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, there is a little dilemma among people regarding this tool. Facebook updated the tool’s features and presented it as ‘Updated Ads Manager.’ The working of this tool is better now and would continue to improve shortly. The following are the steps to get to the ad manager tool on the platform:

where is ad manager on Facebook
How to find where is ad manager on Facebook? 3
  • It is easy to reach the ad manager from the business version of Facebook. Log into your page with the credentials.
  • Head to the taskbar towards the left corner of the window.
  • There you’d find an option called ‘Ad Center.’ Click on the drop-down arrow to find the ‘All Ads’ option.
  • Once you select the ‘All Ads’ option, a window appears showing different options related to the Ad Center.
  • At the bottom of the window, there is an option called ‘Ads Manager.’ Clicking on that would take you to the ad’s manager page.

This page will show all the ads published from your account. As in, you can find an overview of all the ad-based activities from your page.

  • Another way to reach the ad manager page is through the ad manager link provided by Facebook.
  • If you reach the tool through this link, you will find the manager page of your personal profile. In case you have multiple accounts, you can switch between them using the drop-down arrow menu.

Getting Around with the Ad Manager

At the top of the ad manager dashboard, you can find three options – campaigns, ads, and ad sets. These differentiate the extent of you reaching people. Ads are people-specific, and campaigns focus on broader groups. You can choose from them based on the impact you wish to create.

Beneath this bar, there are different options like create, edit, duplicate, etc. This helps edit your ads as and when necessary. There is a ‘More’ drop-down menu to modify the existing campaigns. Create button immediately catches the eye as it is especially highlighted. Each option in this bar has a unique functioning based on the name and can be used easily.

where is ad manager on Facebook
How to find where is ad manager on Facebook? 4

Apart from these, there are several other options like ad manager table, search, expand, help, etc. Each of these has a specific function to serve the purpose. Businesses are now focusing on the ad manager tool to reach people easily. Users’ actions like comments and likes beneath the content enable owners to understand potential customers and improve their sales. Using the ad manager may be confusing initially. But as you get used to it, it is the easiest of all from Facebook.