If one has spent one fair amount of time on Facebook, one must know what is poke on Facebook.

But for people who don’t know all the features of Facebook: A poke on Facebook just means sending a notification to someone on one’s friend list.

Although the poke feature dates to the old days of Facebook when it was just created, the primary purpose was never explained.

Although it is a tiny feature and figuring out what is poke on Facebook is not a big deal, it was one of the most used features on Facebook.

What is poke on Facebook?

Recently Facebook has gone from just a social media website to a business platform where it provides services for the businesses to grow where one can buy page likes and all the other stuff.

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Because of this aspect, the poke feature has hidden over the other recent popular feature.

what is poke on facebook
What Is Poke On Facebook: Complete Guide 4

What does a Facebook poke mean?

So, what is poke on Facebook, and what does it really mean?

As stated: in simple words, an act of poking someone is just sending them a notification under one's name saying X has poked you.

Although the reason behind it can be different and vary from person to person: for some people, a poke means simply saying hello to an old friend.

While for other people poking is an act of starting a conversation with someone with intentions of socializing, actually, if one reads the FAQs of Facebook on what is poke on Facebook, it is stated that there is no real purpose of making the poke feature.

The people are free to interpret the poke the way they want and that’s the beauty of it. The Facebook team also stated that it will be fun to see people and how they will interpret them.

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How to poke someone?

To poke someone is quite simple and easy on Facebook. If one wants to poke someone for fun and whatever reason, do the following steps:

  • First, choose someone from one's friend list that one wants to poke.
  • After the victim has been decided, navigate to the facebook pokes games.
  • One will see a search bar there and type out the victim’s name.
  • The option of poke will appear in front of the name and click on it to send a virtual notification. 
what is poke on facebook
What Is Poke On Facebook: Complete Guide 5

The poking fun

The act of poking can be fun if both parties don't mind the annoying notifications and rage a poking war against each other!

Many people in the early days used to do this poking war to try to annoy the other person, and that other person tries to annoy the first person.

It can be fun at the time, but the annoying notifications can get pretty irritating soon. Therefore if one wants to go on a poking war, first take the consent of the victim.

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Should one bother poking someone?

If one wants to poke someone, sure one can, but it depends on the other person if one likes it or not.

If one is friends with someone on Facebook for a long time, one can poke that person, as at some time in the past poking was considered a fun activity.

Poking is completely interpreted by a person and it is advisable to only send it to a person who can take it as a poke and not an annoying notification.

Who knows if that person likes and they rage a poking war against one like the old days!


It was a guide on how one can poke someone on Facebook, what poking real means, and if one should still poke someone or not.

It depends on every person and how one takes a poke. If the party finds poking as a fun activity, sure one can poke all one wants and have fun!