What Is My Facebook URL? Find below.

Facebook is insanely ubiquitous, and almost no one in the modern world is unfamiliar with it. Everybody enjoys using this platform because of its simple-to-use design for networking and communicating. Regardless, the most recent Facebook applications have games, news, online marketing, ads, and media to keep you occupied at all times.

what is my Facebook URL
What Is My Facebook URL and How to Find It? 4

Facebook URL is beneficial in many ways, and that's why people search for it. For the new account holders as well as the ones searching their respective URL for sharing, follow the steps discussed below on ‘What is my Facebook URL?’ However, you'll need the URL before you can start marketing your Facebook Page. Getting the URL is a short process that may help you obtain more followers on Facebook while also engaging and connecting with those you already have.

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How to add a phone number to your Facebook account?

If you are experiencing difficulties registering using your phone number, try these simple ways that are very easy to follow.

First of all, make sure that the phone number you have made an input is typed correctly. Also, make sure to confirm the country code before typing your number. If the website informs that an account already exists with the number, there is a possibility of waiting. It is suggested when opening a Facebook account, try to go for an email address. Also, if you find out that the other logged in to an account that is attached to your phone number, it means recovering the password will result in logging your account.

In case you have forgotten your password but remember your phone number, you can reset the previous password. Adding your phone number is important as it adds more security to the specified account.

What is my Facebook URL?

Finding your Facebook URL is effortless whether you use a desktop or a smartphone. However, depending on whether you're using a web browser or an app, the exact procedures are slightly different. Going by the web browser, try to follow these simple steps:

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  • Firstly, use your existing Facebook account to log in. If you are yet to create an account, you may build one by entering fundamental information such as name, mobile number, email address, personal password, birthdate, and sex.
  • Then select the downward-facing arrow key that is present on the upper left-most side of the page. 
  • Clicking on that opens up a list from which select the Settings & Privacy option. Selecting that opens up another list from which select the option - Settings.
  • Just choosing the options opens up the general settings window where you will be able to see the Username option.
  • The Username is the link itself, and you can copy it by editing or selecting the text directly.

While going by the Facebook application on your smartphone, you have to follow the same procedures for what is my Facebook URL.

what is my Facebook URL
What Is My Facebook URL and How to Find It? 5

In addition, Facebook requires the user to complete double or two-step authentication procedures for the verification of accounts. It entails providing a clear snapshot of the user holding a piece of paper with the code printed on it. Finally, the app will send you a link to recover your account as soon as possible.

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If you're still struggling to figure out what is my Facebook URL, this will undoubtedly be of assistance. Try all the steps and techniques to reclaim your social media life. Hope we helped you in the best way possible.