What is a Facebook moderator? You might have come across this question several times. How do I know? You have reached here in search of this question so I am confident that you have had this question before also. Now let’s get to the point. What is a Facebook moderator? The Facebook moderator is a feature that is introduced by Facebook to help admin in managing large groups.

What Is A Facebook Moderator: Complete Detail

Facebook has many groups as it has become an important way to communicate with a large number of people. However, these groups are not easy to maintain. Some group admins might not even be aware of the number of people they have in their groups. This is where a moderator plays an important role.

what is a Facebook moderator

Faceboom moderator is one of the best features of Facebook. It was introduced by Facebook to assist the admins of large groups in maintaining their Facebook pages and the members. The role of the moderator is to help in managing the large Facebook groups by keeping in view the activities and other essential things.

Difference Between Facebook Admin And Facebook Moderator

These two terms might seem similar but have different meanings. Facebook admin is the first and essential part of the Facebook groups. She is the one who has the most authority. Facebook moderator, on the other hand, comes next to the Facebook admin. She doesn’t have as many duties as the admin has. The points of difference between them are mentioned below:

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  • Make another member the admin: This power is held only by the Facebook group admins. They can make any other person admin or the moderator. But, the Facebook moderator doesn’t have this authority.
  • Remove the Admin: Again, only the admin has the right to remove the admin or the moderator from the Facebook groups. On the other hand, Facebook moderators don’t have this power. They cannot remove the admin or the moderator.
  • Group setting management: The admin has the authority to make various group settings. The settings include group pictures, group names or settings related to privacy. The group admin can make changes in the mentioned settings anytime. However, the moderator is not allowed to make changes to any of the settings. The moderator can only manage the posts on the Facebook groups.

How To Become Facebook Group Moderator?

Becoming the group moderator can be fun. If you want to become a moderator, you need to know the steps that are required. Before that, it is essential to know that you can only be eligible for the moderator role if the group admin asks you to. As we discussed the roles of the admins and moderators above, we saw that only the admin has the authority to add the moderator.

what is a Facebook moderator

If you want to be a moderator, contact the admin of the page in which you want to be a moderator. Once, you request the admin, she might ask some questions related to the responsibility you will be holding. Then, the admin will make you the moderator of the Facebook group.

If you have thought of becoming the moderator, you must know the following works that a moderator has to do:

  • Removing the spam comments and posts
  • Replying to the queries of the group members
  • Approving or declining the posts
  • Going through the profiles of members and approving or declining the requests  
  • Personally responding to the members  
  • Organisation of competitions  
  • Increasing the participation in the competitions  
  • Managing the group posts  
  • Scheduling and creating the new posts  

Now you have the answer for what is a Facebook moderator. Do you know how to help the group in growing? You need more likes and comments for that. If you have become tired of trying in a traditional way, buying them online can help you instantly.

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