Facebook groups are made for people to talk about shared interests - from leisure activities and topographical areas to family occasions and work ventures. However, as an admin of any group, you may come to understand that the group has outlasted its motivation. As such, you might be considering delete your facebook group.

Steps to Delete Your Facebook Group
Steps to Delete Your Facebook Group 5

There can be many reasons due to which you might want to delete a Facebook group. When you have a vast following, your Facebook group can be tiring and time-consuming. This is more so when the group has no major purpose and it was made just for fun or to share memes.

Some groups are made for business purposes and have their goals and objectives; once their objectives are fulfilled, the admin may want to delete it. Perhaps you just need a social break to cleanse your mind and find more positivity.

It is okay if you feel like that you need a break. However, before you make up your mind, we want you to know that once you delete your group, there is no going back. All the work, posts, pictures, discussion, threads, etc. will go away, and you cannot get them back. Therefore, before coming to the final decision, let's look at the other options,

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What other options to consider?

·  Try changing the purpose of the group

Instead of deleting your Facebook group, you can try changing its purpose. For example: if you made a fan page or a meme page that now doesn’t give you anything, you can try going for a page that raises mental health issues – a place where people can share their stories and feel less depressive. Perhaps you can try to connect all the jobless people and link them with people looking for employees. There are a lot of other ideas that can soothe your soul and give you the satisfaction that you feel might be missing from your current group.

·  Try making someone else the admin and let them to delete your facebook group

You must have made some real friends over the time in your group. Erasing the group and wrecking these connections can end in hurt sentiments and harm your popularity. Rather than deleting, consider handing your Facebook group over to new admins. Search for dynamic individuals in the group who should take on the job. If you hand the group over to new administrators, detach it from your business and consider renaming it so the group members can see there has been a change.

been a change
Steps to Delete Your Facebook Group 6

·  Try to archive the group

Only a group maker can erase a group except if the admin has left. All things considered, any administrator can erase the Facebook group. The cycle is irreversible— but archiving the Facebook group isn't. Archived groups stay in existence with all pictures, posts, and threads intact.

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Your archived group won't show up in search lists for those who aren't the group members, and no new individuals can join. Archiving is reversible. If you change your mind, you can un-archive a group and come back with more energy.

This can be the best solution if you want to take a break from your group or if you were working on a project which has now ended. This option keeps on all of your work and posts safe. It likewise implies you will continue to have access to the content in the group that could be an asset later on.

But of course, if none of the above options is working for you, then you can choose to delete your group once and for all.

However, before you do that, tell your group members. Your group members have contributed and helped the group to develop. They've created associations and connections. It's courteous to tell them you are erasing it. This allows them to download any pictures or recordings they've posted, note any important data shared, and become Facebook friends with the individuals they've associated with on the group.      

The hardest part about deactivating a group is that at the time of deleting your group you cannot save all the videos, pictures, and all the conversation you had with other members. This is the reason why you should take time so that you can keep those conversations and download all the pictures for a good memory.

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Once you have made your decision, the following steps will help you in deleting your Facebook group:

Steps to delete your Facebook group

  1. First, log in to your Facebook account, look for the word groups in your menu bar. Once you tap it, it will show every group in which you have been added.
  2. Choose the one that you want to delete (make sure that you are the admin of that group or else you won’t be able to delete it)
  3. After opening that group, you have to look for the option ‘members’. Then, you have to delete each and every member that the group has. Tap on each members name and tap ‘remove from the group’. Make sure not to delete yourself in the middle.
  4. After removing every member from the group, you have to remove yourself by tapping 'leave the group'.
leave the group'
Steps to Delete Your Facebook Group 7

If you have correctly removed every member, then you leaving the group will end the group itself. Before deleting the group totally, you'll get a confirmation message from Facebook asking if you are sure you want to delete the group, tap yes to finish deleting.

If the above message isn't the message you get when going to leave yourself, you have not deleted all the members from the group. In this case, eliminating yourself will mean the administrator's job is transferred to someone else, and the group keeps on existing.

Deleting your Facebook group is an intense choice yet it could be the correct one for your business. Weigh up your alternatives before you make the decision. Furthermore, if deleting is the most ideal alternative for you, make a note of all that you gained from starting a group so it can benefit you in the future.