Facebook is a common mode of communication between people. Sometimes we may block someone due to different reasons like unwanted issues, blocking by mistake, etc. But if we later want to connect with them, unblocking is the first step. How to unblock someone on Facebook?

Just as blocking, Facebook allows the reverse of it as well. Now, we can easily unblock someone and continue the acquaintance by liking the posts, commenting, etc. Read on to know more about unblocking and how it's possible.

Unblocking on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, there are several reasons for blocking someone. They will not find your posts, profile picture, or any content relevant to your account. Whenever we block someone on Facebook, they are automatically blocked on Facebook Messenger as well. So, it is best to know both methods to avoid confusion. Moreover, you can block someone only on Messenger too. This way, they wouldn’t be able to send you messages through the Messenger app.

how to unblock someone on Facebook
How to unblock someone on Facebook? 4

It is also possible to block someone on messages and calls only. By doing so, you are restricting them from chatting with you on the Messenger app as well as Facebook Chat. However, they can still see your profile picture, like and comment on your posts, and post something for you. Change of mind is natural, right? If you changed your mind and want to rekindle the communication, here is how to unblock someone on Facebook.

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Unblocking on Facebook is possible in two ways –

  • On Facebook handles and
  • On Facebook Messenger.

The following is the unblocking process for both scenarios.

  1. Unblocking on Facebook Account

Whenever you unblock someone, you give them access to see your content shared in public. However, you need to send a friend request to add them back to your network.

  • Click on the down-arrow towards the top right of your Facebook page.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ Section from the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option.
  • The ‘Blocking’ option appears towards the left column of the settings. Click on it.
  • Go to the ‘Blocked Users’ section to see all the users blocked by you.
  • The ‘Unblock’ option appears next to the name of every blocked person. Select the option against the person you wish to unblock.
  • Select ‘Confirm’ to finish the process.

Note that Facebook doesn’t allow blocking the person for some days after you unblock them

2. Unblocking on Facebook Messenger: 

We usually block someone’s messages on Facebook’s messenger app. There are two versions of unblocking the person – through application and through the messenger website.

Through App: 

  • Open the Facebook Messenger application. If you haven’t logged into Messenger, begin the process by logging in.
  • Click on the profile photo icon present on the top towards the left.
  • Go to ‘Preferences’ and select ‘Account Settings.’
  • Facebook’s settings page opens in the device’s default browser.
  • Go to the Blocking Section and scroll down.
  • Head to the ‘Block Messages’ option. Here you will find the list of everyone blocked by you.
  • As mentioned above, select the ‘Unblock’ option against the person you wish to unblock.  
how to unblock someone on Facebook
How to unblock someone on Facebook? 5

Through Website (messenger.com)

It is possible to unblock someone through Messenger’s website as well. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the official Messenger website and log in with your Facebook credentials.
  • You will find a ‘…’ symbol next to the ‘Chats’ tab. Click on the symbol and go to ‘Preferences.’
  • Select the ‘Manage Blocking’ option. The settings page of Facebook will appear then.
  • Proceed to the ‘Blocking’ option and head to the ‘Block Messages’ option by scrolling down the window.
  • Here, you can find all the users blocked from viewing your account.
  • Repeat the same process for unblocking, as mentioned above, by clicking the ‘Unblock’ option present against the person you are willing to unblock.

It is easy to unblock someone on Facebook whenever we feel like it. However, we cannot block them again for some days, as mentioned earlier.

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