People tag their friends and family in their photos, statuses or comments for different reasons. Sometimes, they tag people in posts to get their attention for a post, campaign or issue and sometimes they just tag each other in random memes for the sake of fun. Regardless of what their reason is for tagging, there are certain things that people should know about how to tag someone on Facebook. In this article, we will briefly summarize different ways to tag people.

Different Ways to Tag People

Although tagging someone on Facebook is an apparently easy task that does not require too many details, yet it can be complicated if you are new to Facebook. We will divide our article into different categories to make things simple for you. We will teach you how to tag someone in a post and how to tag someone in a photo. Furthermore, we will explain whether tagging is any different on the app as compared to the desktop. It should be noted that the information that we provide here is only relevant for the current and updated versions of Facebook.

How Facebook Tagging Works

When you tag people, it appears in their notifications and depending on their privacy settings, it also appears on their timelines and the newsfeeds of their friends. In other words, tagging people can grab attention not only of those being tagged but also of the people they have on their Facebook.

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Why Do People Tag?

As mentioned earlier, people use the tagging option for different reasons. Sometimes, they just want to grab the attention of their audience and want to make sure that particular friends do not miss out on something they have posted. People also use the tagging option to run social campaigns or even call out certain people and celebrities for something wrong they might have done.

Tagging ensures that the post reaches the concerned party as well as those who follow them. However, Facebook does allow people to hide from their friends the posts and photos that they are being tagged in. Many businesses as well customers also use the tagging option to give their feedback or reviews in a group or on the public page.

How to Tag Someone in Your Status When Using Desktop

We mentioned already that tagging is now a similar process regardless of whether you use desktop or mobile app. When using desktop, you can simply press @ and write the name of the friend that you desire to tag. Once you start typing the name, you will see a whole list of friends with that name. There, you can carefully choose which friend you wish to tag. If your friend has not turned on the tagging option, then unfortunately there is no way you can tag them without their permission. You can also use the same way to tag pages of celebrities and businesses.

How to Tag Someone in Your Status When Using Desktop
How to Tag Someone on Facebook? 6

The best part is that Facebook gives you the list of relevant friends as soon as you write the initial letters. This means that you do not have to go through the entire friend list to find that one friend that you wish to tag. As soon as you tag someone, they will receive a notification that you have tagged them in so and so post or photo.

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They may remove the tag if they do not wish to be in that post or photo, however, their name will remain there in the post without giving a direct link to their profile. Be careful when tagging strangers or celebrities as people can report your account if you tag them without their consent, offend them or harm their reputation in any way.

Other than using this @ option, you can alternatively choose to tag friends using the option that is given before you post the status.

tagging strangers
How to Tag Someone on Facebook? 7

Using this option too will give you a list of friends and you can choose whoever you wish to tag in the same manner.

How to Tag Someone in the Facebook Mobile App

The process of tagging someone on a mobile app is pretty much the same. Just like we have explained above for the desktop version, you can simply start typing your status and hit "@" followed by the person's name. You will then get a list of friends to choose from.

Alternatively, you will also get “Tag people” option when you are using the app. The only thing that is different when using a mobile app is that sometimes, you may get options to tag people without even having to type @ before the friend’s name. As soon as you type the first few letters of a friend’s name, the app will ask you if you want to tag them. This feature is helpful but can also be annoying at times if the app keeps asking you if you want to tag someone when you do not want to.

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How to Tag Someone in a Photo?

Tagging people in photos is slightly different as compared to tagging them in a status. You can randomly tag people in the photo or you can tag them exactly where they are. If your photo is accompanied by a status, then you may tag them in the status as well in the same way as described above. However, if you want to tag someone exactly where they are in the photo, all you have to do is simply click on their face and type their name. Facebook will itself sometimes give you suggestions if it recognizes the person who is there in the photo.


In this article, we have guided you on how you can tag people in a post as well as in a photo. There are some other ways as well to notify people about a certain post. The most widely used feature is mentioning people in the comments section which works in a similar manner as tagging. You can use the different options as per your preference or situation. Happy tagging!