The advertisements you see on Facebook help the online platform in earning a good amount of revenue. If you don’t like the ads, you should know how to stop Facebook ads. You might wonder why you have to see such advertisements. The answer is whenever you like any page on Facebook, you see advertisements related to that page on Facebook. This happens because Facebook follows your interest and shows the same kind of advertisements.

how to stop Facebook ads
How to stop Facebook Ads: A Complete Guide 4

The advertisements on your Facebook feeds might surprise you, as they appear out of nowhere and are of your interest. Though Facebook has a lot of profit due to such advertisements, you might find them annoying. To save you from such annoyance, we will tell you how to stop Facebook ads. 

Why Do I Get Facebook Ads?

There are plenty of reasons due to which you see many ads on your Facebook feed. Sometimes you can see that the ads you are seeing are related to the details you entered about you in the personal information. The ads can show you products and services related to the type of education you are having or the job title.

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Moreover, while surfing through Facebook, you come across many pages that you like. Facebook analyzes the pattern of your interest and shows you the ads according to it. It is right to say that Facebook keeps the track of your searching history to offer you the ads that might interest you.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, Facebook also shows you the ads according to the interest of your friends. For example, if any of your friends have liked any page, Facebook will save the details about that person. After that, it will target you to show the ads with the name of the friend that has liked the page. It also happens with your friends. The pages you like on Facebook are shown in the feed of your friends.

how to stop Facebook ads
How to stop Facebook Ads: A Complete Guide 5

Another reason is your browsing habit. Facebook saves the data related to your browsing and brings up the ads on your feeds. If you search about something on Facebook, you will see many ads related to it on Facebook feed. If you are experiencing any discomfort due to the annoying ads, read the remaining article to know how to stop Facebook ads.

Steps To Stop Sponsored Ads

You can go to the setting of your Facebook account and stop the display of sponsored ads on your news feed. Following are the steps to stop the sponsored ads that can be followed both on laptops and mobile phones.

1. Choose the setting option from the drop-down on the blue bar.  

2. You will see a new page open.

3. On the left side, you will see the option of ads.

4. Click on it, then, the ad preferences page will get opened.

5. Click on the Ad settings option.

6. You will see the following three options:

  • Ads related to partner data.
  • Ads related to your activity on products of Facebook on other platforms.
  • Ads related to your social media actions.
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7. Select the not allowed option of all the three above-mentioned options.

Get Rid Of Sponsored Ads Completely

If you want to get rid of the sponsored ads completely, you have to make changes to your interests. When you go to the interest pages, you will see a cross mark on each of your interests. Simply, click on it and your interest will be removed.

How To Delete Automated Ads

To delete the automated ads, you have to go to the ad center and find the automated ads option. Once you find the option, go to the ad and select the delete ad option.

Now, you are free from annoying ads on Facebook. Have you been finding it difficult to get more likes on your Facebook page? Try to keep your posts attractive to engage your audience. However, you can take from online to buy likes and comments anytime.