There are friends as well as followers on a Facebook account. Every one of us is concerned about how to see who follows you on Facebook. We all question whether we are followed by the right individuals. 


So let’s see how to search whether these individuals that follow you are right or not.

Facebook’s craze has not only expanded with time but Facebook’s settings and versions have been updated well enough. You could effortlessly check your followers on a smartphone or using your laptop/ desktop. 

Steps to check your follower’s list on Facebook through your smartphone 

how to see who follows you on Facebook.

1- To know how to see who follows you on Facebook, firstly go to your play store and download Facebook. Facebook has this blue background logo with a small f on it. 

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2- After downloading the app, one needs to sign in to their account with their password and email. Instead of email, a phone number could also be helpful to sign up.

If your account is not already created you can sign up rather than sign in. Fill in all your details and create an account

3- After hopping into your Fb account you’ll see “What’s on your mind” written on your home page. Below that there are options available like news feed, friends, watch, marketplace, notifications, and menu.

4- Click on the last option with three horizontal lines that are shown in the lower right corner of the app. That is the menu option. After clicking on the menu options click on “see your profile.”

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5- Once you enter the “see your profile” option, you’ll find a friends option. 

6- Click on the option friends and then click the option More. In that, you’ll find the drop-down tab to the right. From the list, you could see how many people follow you i.e your genuine followers.

7- You won’t find this option if you have no followers. 

There’s one more method to check followers on a smartphone. 

1- After the fourth step that I mentioned above, after clicking the horizontal lines, you’ll see your profile with your name.

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 2- Click on your name and go down, after scrolling a little you’ll find an option of about. This option is right next to the photos option. 

3- On the About page you’ll get all the information regarding your account. You can see the option Followed by. By clicking it on you can see how many people follow you on Facebook. 

Steps to check your follower’s list of Facebook through your desktop

how to see who follows you on Facebook.
How To See Who Follows You On Facebook? 20

 1-You could use your desktop browser and go to the official website of Facebook to log in to Facebook or if you have none you need to create a Facebook account.

2-Once you’re logged into your account you can then click on the small icon which will be next to your name. 

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3-After clicking the small icon on the sidebar go to the profile menu and click the option friends.

4-You may now click the follower’s tab under the tab Friends and if you don’t see the follower’s tab just click on the More tab, there you’ll find a menu named drop-down. There you could just see your followers. 

Remember that your followers will only be seen if you have any.

In addition to this, It is very tough sometimes to get followers and likes on Facebook. 

Fortunately, there is a solution for this issue as you can now buy Facebook likes and followers through some sites that help to grow marketing service. These services are for one and all. They help you grow your Fb page and give it an outstanding reach. 

I hope this data was valuable for you since you can know who follows you and who doesn’t follow you on one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook.