There are several features on Facebook. One of those features is sharing posts. Posts are nothing but any writing, art, or a picture of self or a message through an image. Facebook seems fascinating because of the posts we could see of our valuable ones even by living at a distance. 

Defining scheduling of posts

How To Schedule Facebook Posts? Scheduling of posts indicates that one can decide and schedule and plan their post. One can set a specific date and time for their post and it could be posted automatically when the scheduled date arrives. This feature is given by Facebook to the users who have pages on Facebook.  Facebook pages are generally used for enterprises, blogs, organizations, and other public figures. 

One cannot schedule posts on Facebook through their private account. This feature is functional only for those who have a page on Facebook. You can only schedule posts 6 months in advance. Every time you schedule a post, use Facebook directly to do it. Never use a third-party application for this task. 

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Well, let's get onto how to schedule a post. It's easy enough. Just don't miss out on anything.

how to schedule Facebook posts
How To Schedule Facebook Posts? 4

Steps to schedule a post on Facebook through PC

1- Log in to the official Facebook website on chrome, after that sign in to your page or create a page. 

2- Once you're done with the initial step, click on the Page option, and you'll find it on the left side of your newsfeed, you'll find it in orange color. 

3- After clicking on the page, you'll see the name of the page that you manage. After that click on Publishing tools, you will simply find it in the left column.

4- Now click on Create post. It is a button in blue. 

5- Create your post after these simple steps. Type your post where it shows “type something”, type it just as you want it to be. Use hashtags, emojis and dots, and proper comma.

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6- Now you'll see an arrow at the right in the bottom near publish. Click it and it will open up and you can then see and select the date and time.

7- Click the option save after you schedule your date and time. And this way your post will be scheduled for the future. 

Steps to schedule a post on Facebook through your phone

1- Install the application Facebook Business Suite on your smartphone, it's greyish blue. 

2- Open the app and sign in with your page account using the instructions given on the app. 

3- If you have a single page, the app will itself open your page. 

4- You will see a button named publish on the top left corner, tap it. 

5- Now create your post, write all you need to write in the “Write something” option on the screen. Use good and popular hashtags and decent emojis. You can also choose a location, and how you are feeling. 

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6- After that click on the next button above in the right corner. You can preview your post and you can make changes if you're not satisfied. Once you're satisfied you will also get an option to schedule. 

7- Now choose the option Schedule for later, among the two options shown on your screen. 

8- You can now choose the date and time and after finishing with it you can choose the option/button done. Once you’re done the post will be uploaded with the date and time you have selected.

And this way you complete your process of scheduling a post on your smartphone.

how to schedule Facebook posts
How To Schedule Facebook Posts? 5

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