Want better results in the FB advertising? Thinking about how to reach more individuals who seem like your top clients?

Within this guide, you will learn how to create and scale high-intent lookalike viewers with Facebook advertising.

How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 14

Why Increasing the Lookalike Percentage Doesn’t Work for Scaling

Facebook lookalike audiences let you reach a high amount of individuals who share the very same characteristics as your present customers.

While using a bigger lookalike percent might help you reach more people, these folks would end up being less like your seed market, and therefore less likely to convert. To put it differently, increasing the reach would come at the cost of your viewer's quality.

When you increase the lookalike percentage, you might reach a place where the audience becomes so big that it is similar to a broad audience with no targeting at all. In cases like this, you're not helping Facebook narrow down the target market and are relying on the algorithm to laser-target your prospects within a huge audience pool. Even though this could work for big accounts with a great deal of information, it is not leveraging the full power of lookalike audiences.

1 7 How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 15

It is a combo of different lookalikes--every one of which holds very similar features to the custom made audience it's based on--which you target within a single advertisement collection.

Facebook's algorithm makes better and more accurate by the day but once you narrow down and define the characteristics of your desired audience, you assist Facebook do a much better job and achieve much better results.

Due to the high relevance of this super lookalike, it supplies a greater click-through rate and a greater rate of conversion whilst enhancing your value score. Facebook will then benefit these audiences using a lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions), which enhances the total performance of the ad set.

This process works for basically every business because it depends upon Facebook's lookalike data module, which works round the board. And the more info you have, the better it will work. The most important data points you require are a big assortment of high-performing custom viewers and a significant amount of historical information about high-performing lookalike viewers.

Now we will look at how to set up and scale high-intent lookalike viewers to target with your Facebook advertising.

1: Create Facebook Custom Audiences of Top Clients

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The caliber of your custom made audience is crucial to creating a solid performance-driving lookalike audience. You wish to concentrate on your most valuable customers, and therefore create custom made viewers based on bottom-of-the-funnel conversion occasions.

You are able to make custom viewers based on your Facebook pixel data, targeting people who have completed distinct conversion events on your site.

Another option for focusing on your best customers is to create a value-based custom audience. To make this particular audience, you use your client list and include an random number to each customer, representing their lifetime value to your business. You only upload this listing to Facebook and create your audience based on it.

Keep in mind that you'll need to upgrade your customer list regularly to keep this audience applicable for your company. Creating this value-based audience with your pixel data will help save you a bit of difficulty because your client data will be updated automatically.

Moreover, in a recent upgrade, Facebook added the option to turn every one of your pixel-based lookalike audiences into a value-based one with the click of a button.

Other valuable custom audiences that advertisers tend to overlook are individuals who invest time on your product pages, your leading spenders (among the most powerful value-based audiences), and people who watched 75% or 95% of your video.

For eCommerce, I recommend beginning with habit viewers based on high-intent occasions that take place in your own website:

  • Purchase
  • Initiate checkout
  • Add payment info
  • Add to cart

To make those website-based custom made viewers, be sure to have the Facebook pixel installed on your own website and that it identifies these particular events.

Once you've got this in place, visit Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager to make your very first custom audience. Click on the Create Audience drop-down menu and choose Custom Audience.

Create Facebook Custom Audiences of Top Clients
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 16

From the Create a Custom Audience window, then choose Website as the source.

Custom Audience window
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 17

On another screen, pick your Facebook pixel and use the drop-down menu to select your preferred event. Then add a name and click Create Audience.

click Create Audience
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 18

When you are finished creating your first audience, repeat the above actions to create the other three habit viewers.

Keep in mind that while these habit audiences might overlap, the last lookalikes will end up being diverse and big enough that the overlap will not hinder your own efforts. Additionally, every one these lookalikes will probably be targeted in the exact same advertisement set so you do not have to worry about your advertisement sets competing against each other by targeting the identical audience.

Combining audiences of people who are likely to purchase, initiate checkout, include payment info, and add to cart will probably fetch you one big audience which includes users who are highly likely to take a few high-intent actions on your site. This is the energy of this super lookalike audience you will set up.

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2.  Identify Top Custom Audiences to Seed ‘Super’ Lookalike Audiences

The next step is to identify your top-performing custom made audiences based on some key performance indicators (KPIs). You will then produce low-percentage lookalikes from each of your very best custom viewers and target them in the same advertisement collection. Every one of these'blended' lookalike audiences will be a super lookalike audience.

To identify your present top-performing ad collections, open Facebook Ads Manager and then go to the Ad Modes tab. Insert a column for your most important metric (ROAS, for instance) and sort the list by it.

Identify Top Custom Audiences to Seed ‘Super’ Lookalike Audiences
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 19

When you've identified your top ad sets, determine which audiences are behind them. To do this, click on Edit under the ad set name.

Then scroll down to the audience section and see that the viewer title. Repeat this procedure for every one of your top advertisement sets to compile a list of your top-performing custom made viewers.

custom made viewers
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 20

Now visit Audiences in Advertising Manager to create low-percentage lookalikes based on every one of your top customized audiences. Select your initial custom audience and click the button with the three dots. Select Create Lookalike from the drop-down menu.

Create Lookalike from
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 21

I advise that you use 0%--3% lookalike audiences, depending on your intended country.

lookalike audiences
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 22

Now combine the lookalike audiences you just created and begin testing them to find the top-performing super lookalikes. To do this, launch three to five ad collections, each of which will target a different combination of 3--15 lookalike audiences (your superb lookalike audiences).

top-performing super lookalikes
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 23

3: Four Ways to Scale Your Lookalike Audiences

Getting great results early on will allow you to vertically scale your super lookalike audience by boosting budgets.

Once you max out the audience, you can horizontally scale it by applying the same methods employed for creating the super lookalike viewers:

Different Lookalike Percentages

Consider generating lookalikes from the exact same seed audience utilizing different proportions --2%, 5%, and 10 percent, for instance.

Pro Suggestion : When analyzing different lookalike percentages, don't exclude the smaller-percentage crowds you used previously. The reason is that the crowd is so large that even though there'll eventually be some overlap, it would be negligible, especially when thinking about the voucher overlap. Thus, there's no requirement to exclude your best audiences that have proven to provide high performance.

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Different Seed Audiences

The more viewers you can test, the better. Begin with powerful audiences and use all your data. I recommend analyzing these audiences:

  1. Website traffic: Start with people who performed high-intent occasions (as outlined previously ) and then advance to visitors who performed lower-intent events such as page opinion, view articles, etc.
  2. Social page data: Individuals who've participated with your FB page, Instagram business profile, or other existence.
  3. Advertisement engagers: Individuals who have engaged or saved with your own ads.
  4. Email listing: People who have purchased from you directly on Facebook or someplace else.
Different Seed Audiences
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 24

Separate Recency of Information

When creating custom audiences of Facebook page engagers, Instagram business profile engagers, and advertising engagers--as well as movie audiences --it is possible to extend the time period to include data from the past 365 days.

Separate Recency of Information
How to Scale Valuable Facebook Lookalike Audiences 25

For site traffic, you are confined to a maximum time frame of the past 180 days; therefore, I urge you also add a custom audience with your all-time buy information. You can achieve it by uploading your email list to Facebook.

When testing different recency of data, split the days into various data collections. Ideally, test data in the previous 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days (when possible).

Different Nations and Regions

Try to make lookalike audiences in different nations and regions. Begin with your own best-performing countries and expand further. You can even combine multiple countries or places within one seed market (but don't mix low- and high- CPM regions).

If you're promoting globally, a fantastic combination is the largest English-speaking countries: U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

On top of each these options, after scaling, try to mix all these different variations. You can either play with one element (country, recency, etc.) at some time or with most of them at the same time.

Pro Tip: Once analyzing your superb lookalike audiences using low budgets using ad set budget optimization, then you may utilize Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) and launch four or five different ad sets, each containing four superb lookalike audiences. CBO works best with bigger audiences so you can use slightly higher-percentage lookalike audiences at this phase.


Super lookalike audiences work best when they are created based on real data (which you may already have in your account). The more data you have, the better your super lookalike audience will operate, which will improve your FB ad performance.

The"secret sauce" of super lookalike audiences is utilizing all of your possible data sets to make an extremely high-quality audience in terms of relevance. At the exact same time, this method retains it big enough for Facebook to conduct it through its algorithm and work its magic.

Not a lot of advertisers are using this approach therefore it's an opportunity for you to stay on top of the competition. Produce more advertisement places leveraging super lookalike viewers to secure much better returns on your ad spend.

Will you attempt targeting high-intent super lookalike audiences along with your Facebook ads?