How to merge Facebook pages
How to merge Facebook pages? 4

Is it hard to keep up with running multiple pages on Facebook? Is the content of these pages similar? Not to worry. There is a way you can do things efficiently. Just merge the Facebook pages into one!

Merging Facebook pages also helps in your reach. If you want Facebook users to locate your page rather easily, you may want to merge similar pages of yours together.

This article will walk you through the basics of merging: why could you need it, what you need to merge Facebook pages, what happens when you merge pages, as well as, how to merge Facebook pages into a single page.

Why should I merge Facebook pages?

You could have to merge Facebook pages together for any reason. Here, we mention some of them:

  • Maybe you lost the admin rights to one of the pages. Here, you will need a new similar page to retrieve the previous Facebook page’s lost admin rights.
  • Somehow, besides having a Facebook page, you also have two (or more) personal profiles which is against the terms and policy statement of Facebook Inc. Thus, you will have to change one of these profiles to a business page. Now, you have two pages that could require merging.
  • You set up a Page under the wrong name, but it grew. Or you set it up accidentally. Or you started another page of the same thing. In any case, you now have two Facebook pages that could do better if you just merged them.
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What do you need to merge Facebook pages?

Some important things need to be present for you to merge Facebook pages. These are:

  • You have two Facebook pages.
  • You are an admin of both the pages.
  • Both these Facebook pages have similar names, a similar type of content, and represent the same thing.
  • Both pages have the same address if they have a physical location.

To ensure that both of your pages are eligible, check the “About” section of your pages. They should reflect the same information, same web address, same physical address, and same phone number. If possible, you may even change the name of both pages to the one that is most alike or even the “same”. For Facebook pages to be merged, both the pages’ titles have to be as similar as possible.

More often than not, the page with fewer likes and following is the one to be merged (removed). Make sure there is nothing posted on the page particularly important to you want to keep. If so, download or save beforehand.

What happens if I merge Facebook pages

When you put in a request to merge Facebook pages, they will ask you which page to keep and which to delete. The likes and/or check-ins of the two pages will be combined. However, the posts, reviews, videos, ratings, photos, and usernames from the merged page will be deleted. The page you want to keep will remain unchanged, except for the addition of the previous likes and check-ins from the other page you merged it with.

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It is very important to note that once you merge two pages, one will be deleted permanently and there is no option available to unmerge it afterward.

It is recommended that before merging, you already save or download the content important to you from the page that will be removed, otherwise, there is no way to retrieve it once the request has been filed. Additionally, it will also fare you well if the audience and followers of both your Facebook pages know that a merger is underway. That way, your followers will not be surprised by the sudden notification they receive and will feel included. This also ensures that you do not lose your already existing followers or customers.

How to merge 2 Facebook pages?

Now that we have covered the basics on what you need, and what happens after merging, here is how to merge such two Facebook pages together.

Step 1: Go to the Merge Page on Facebook

Type in the browser and click Enter.

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However, if both your Facebook pages are linked with, or part of, Business Manager, you may go to

Step 2: Choose the two Facebook pages

Choose the two Facebook pages
How to merge Facebook pages? 5

Here, choose from the Facebook pages you want to merge.

Step 3: Click Continue

Once you have selected your desired pages, click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Click Request Merge

It will prompt a box after you have clicked Continue. To confirm your selection, click Request Merge.

Viola! Your request has been filed, and if your Facebook pages are eligible to be merged, Facebook will review and process your request.

After which, they will notify people who had liked the merged or removed page of the change. This may take a few days to process.

Additionally, if you think they have not completed your request, it may be because your pages are ineligible to be merged according to the criteria mentioned above. In that case, please be vary that Facebook may permanently delete or unpublish the pages. Thus, only file in a request for merging if you are sure that it remains eligible according to the criterion mentioned earlier.