Social media influencer is the new big thing now. It is the way of becoming a celebrity. The days are far behind when you need to have links to become a celebrity. Now the time has come where talent and creativity take the limelight and the center stage. It has become possible with the introduction of content creating on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. There are so many different apps available that can give you the rightful opportunity of producing great content and going viral. People often ask about how to make money with Facebook? The money involved in the ads and sponsorship deals is humongous. 

about how to make money with Facebook

You can earn so much. Even more than anyone in your family. Just with little dedication and out of box thinking you can be earning so much on Facebook. The deals are very luring and attractive. Anyone can get them. They are up for grasp. Be the one to grab that opportunity. You can see it for yourself. There are so many influencers online and their success is pretty evident. They also were once normal users like you who had the courage of trying something new so to say. And now they are getting the reward of it.

Make money from Facebook

Now is the time to answer the much-awaited and commonly asked question of how to make money with Facebook? So, it is pretty simple, to be honest. The main source is through in-stream ads, Fan subscriptions, Branded content, and subscription groups. These ways are through which you are getting money from Facebook as an app. See yourself as an employee who makes the content for Facebook who is the employer. And in return, you get paid. Yes, it is that easy to understand as for that matter. But the thing is not everyone is eligible for these perks of in-stram ads and Fan subscriptions. To avail of them, you need to monetize your page. Monetization can be tricky.

As again not everyone is eligible to get monetized. You have to be a renowned creator. Or someone who is bagging thousands of views per video at least. To achieve this what you need to do is work hard and constantly produce content on Facebook. In the beginning, it is the quantity that matters the most. As more you upload the more you stand at the chance of going viral. Facebook also provides you with an option to check if you are eligible for monetization or not. For this, you need to go to the Creator Studio on your Facebook app. There you would see the monetization tab. Click on overview there. Now you can see everything you need to know about your monetization eligibility.

about how to make money with Facebook

Get more followers

To earn money through social media apps like Facebook. You simply need views. It is very unlikely that someone would get your content in their feed if you are not famous. Or someone would search for you and your content. That is why to go viral primarily you need some followers on your page. Followers are kind of like a guaranteed audience. They would look at your content because they are definitely going to get at their feed. That is why the chance of more views increases with more followers. But the catch is, it is very hard to initially get followers on such apps.

You would be required to make content left, right and center. Also, need to maintain quality to retain the viewers. It all takes a lot of time. But do not worry. Because there is another inorganic yet hundred percent working way through which you can get results. Now you can buy followers and comments for your page