See How To Make A Post Public On Facebook?Facebook has to be the most popular social media platform on the planet. With over 5 billion + downloads only on the play store, it is pretty evident. No matter what age group you belong to you can always relate and find entertainment on this amazing app.

That is why more and more middle-aged people are getting on this app. But obviously, not everyone can be expected to be well versed with the new features and trends so to say. That is the reason why users of Facebook often ask about how to make a post public on Facebook? Technically it is more than an app made just for interaction. It has become more of a source of entertainment.

how to make a post public on Facebook
How To Make A Post Public On Facebook? 4

People can take a break from work. Or can look at Facebook in their lunch break or something. Facebook provides a daily dose of much-needed entertainment. And not just that but it also keeps you up to date with the latest news and trends. You can get all the top news on your feed. What’s happening and what is not, is all in that app. You also get informed about local things. You can see posts of your co-workers, neighbors, family members, relatives, and even friends. The only condition being is that either you have to be added as their friend or their account should be open or public as for that matter.

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What is a public post on Facebook?

Usually what people post on Facebook is shown only on the feed of their added friends. It will not be on any other person’s feed. It could be public if the settings of the post have been changed to public. Or certain hashtags have been used with the change of settings.

If you want to show what you are doing to other people or want to make friends with common interests through the post, it is advised to make a post public on Facebook. Now I know there is a stereotype revolving around features of an online app. People think it would be complex or hard to learn. But to be honest, making a post public is anything but difficult.

how to make a post public on Facebook
How To Make A Post Public On Facebook? 5

If you have posted a picture or any random post on your account and after posting you want to change the settings of it, all you need to do is firstly tap on the three lines. These three lines are on the top right of your Facebook app. Then click on your name. By clicking on the name you will come to your profile.

Everyone knows this. Then go down to the post you wish to edit by scrolling. You would see three small dots on the top right of your post. Click on it. Then tap on edit privacy. You would see three options. They are “ public, friends and only me.” Click on the public if you wish to make the post public.

How to make a post public on Facebook?

And done. Your post is now public. Everyone can see this post. People would also be getting it on their feed so to say. Also if you want your post to be public from the beginning, just use the same steps. Before posting edit the settings, make the settings public and then post.

Making the post public is a good way of getting likes as more and more people could see your post. Another way of getting more likes on a post is by buying it.

Yes, you heard it right. Now you can buy likes for your Facebook post. People do not like posts easily on the app. It will help you in increasing your engagement rate. It is the best way to grow yourself on Facebook for personal as well as professional reasons.

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