How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Facebook is one of the most used social media networks on the planet with around 2.5 billion users monthly. Since 2004, Facebook is one of the actively used platforms. It offers many features, some of which include posting images/videos, text on your profiles, pages or groups. Facebook truly changed the world as it offered a platform where people could discuss anything and everything with anyone from what they were eating, what they are wearing, where they are traveling, what they watching, how they are feeling and so on.

After posting, one of the most fundamental features of Facebook is the share option. With Facebook's most recent updates, you can use various backgrounds to create posts that allow greater visibility in order to reach the maximum number of people. If you post something that you most like, then there is a possibility that one of your friends will also like that image so they want to share it on their profile as well. However, if you think your post has extraordinary content and needs it to be shared widely in your networks, you need to make your post shareable on Facebook. To do so, you may need to make a few changes.

How to Share Facebook post using Internet Browser.

The following guide can be used to make a post shareable on Facebook:

  1. Click on the three dots of the upper right corner of the post.
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  • A pop-up menu will appear. Select the post privacy option from it to edit privacy settings of the post.

If you want to share the posts only with your friends, then you can select the Friends' only option. Alternatively, if you want to share with the public, then you have to choose the public option that will allow everyone to see what you post on your profile. These privacy settings will be auto-set for future posts as well. We can easily change these settings at any time you want to share your future posts either with Everyone or with your Friends only. Even you can share the post with the 'only you' option as well to save anything you may wish to see in the future.

How to do it on Your Mobile

You can make the post shareable on Facebook by using your smartphone as well. Follow the easy steps that are mentioned below:

From the “What's on your mind” box on the Facebook App, create your Facebook post. There you will an option to choose either Friends or Public. Your post is already shareable if that button is showing the Public. If it is not showing Public, then you can easily change it to Public by just clicking on it to switch and similarly for friends.


Sharing Posts from Pages

Facebook Pages are open and can be seen by anybody regardless of whether or not they have liked the Page as if your friend share post from that page. This implies that anyone can share the posts by simply clicking on the Share button below the post. To share that post with your friends, you can add a caption if you like and just tap Share now.

Sharing Posts from Groups

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Sharing a post from a group will depend on the privacy setting of that group. There are groups public to everybody on Facebook (including the individuals who are not part of that group). You can share Facebook posts from open groups by touching share beneath the post. However, if the group privacy setting is not open to all, then you can share posts only with those who are members of the group.

Sharing Posts from Friends

Whether you can share post from your friend profile or not relies completely upon the privacy setting of your friend. If you are unable to see the Share button under their post, their profile is presumably private. If that is the case, you can request that that friend to change their privacy setting for that particular post to permit you and others to share that post.

Tips to Increase Post Visibility

Since you have figured out how to make your post shareable on Facebook, it is imperative to consider how to make your posts visible as well. When you post something, you may wish that the maximum people will see this. To make your post visible, to increase your reach, the following tips can be helpful.

•            Keep in Mind the Posting Time

One of the most significant things to keep in mind is posting at the perfect time. If you need to reach the maximum number of individuals, you need to do it when the maximum number of people are active on Facebook.

Normally on a weekday, Facebook has the most traffic after 6 or 7 pm. As most of the people are at home, so it is an ideal opportunity to visit Facebook and make a post. We also recommend early afternoon to post on Facebook as individuals have their lunch break at work and may use that time to browse Facebook.

Saturday night is not an ideal opportunity for posting, as many people have outing plans. Similarly, Sunday morning wouldn't be a decent time either. Other times during the weekend may work when people are relatively free and awake.

•            Grab that Attention

To make your post attractive, you need to add some attractive things so the maximum people may notice it. For example, if you are posting a text-based post, you can select one of the backgrounds available. It truly assists with adding visibility to posts. You can also use photos that are most relevant to your topic to help your post get noticed by maximum people.

•            Keep it Simple

Particularly when you are composing a text, attempt to keep it simple and try to keep it short. If you can't keep it short but want to give a cleaner look to your text, you can divide your text into paragraphs. If your text will look like a difficult read, no one will be interested to read or even look at what you have shared. Make sure your message is concise and effective.


With more than a billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks allowing you to stay aware of the lives of loved ones. Not just that, you can also follow various pages that post about interesting topics, to keep updated on what is going on in the market. For what purpose you use Facebook is in your hand, but this social network is built largely to share information. You can easily make a post shareable by following the above guidelines.

There are different options and settings to share posts and they are all simple to do. Once you have changed the privacy settings on your most recent post, Facebook will consider these settings for whenever you post something next time. You don't have to follow the same procedure every time. Happy sharing!