Facebook is a great site to network with like-minded people, engage in intellectual or nerdy discussions, or even just to share memes, all depending on your needs. You can join a host of various public and private groups for these purposes. However, sometimes you may not enjoy your experience in a group. Perhaps you find that you have become a part of way too many groups, more than you can manage, and they have become overwhelming to see in your feed. Alternatively, you may just realize that you don’t like a particular group or find it relevant anymore. In such a case, you may be wondering how to leave a Facebook group.

Whatever the reason might be for you losing interest a Facebook group, there is always the option to leave it. We are here to show you how, so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted notifications or posts in your feed.

How to Leave a Facebook Group

You may be using Facebook on your PC or on a mobile device. The methods to leave a Facebook Group in both cases are slightly different. We have outlined the steps for both as follows:


If you are using your PC, you can follow the steps below if you don’t know how to leave a Facebook group on the desktop version. Here are the steps:

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  1. Once you have logged into your Facebook account, which you can do by typing in your email address and password on the sign in page, you will end up on your news feed. This is where you get updates from friends – the posts they share, or statuses they upload etc. – and any pages you follow or groups you are part of. On the left side of your screen, you will see the option for groups. Select it.
the option for groups. Select it
How to Leave a Facebook Group 5
  • After that, you will be able to see a list of all the groups you are a part of. If you have never left a group before, this list will be of all the existing groups you have ever joined through this account. Scroll down and select the one you want to leave.
  • You should now be on that said group’s page. On the right corner, below the group’s large banner space, there will be three horizontal dots for actions you can take on that group. Click those dots.
that group. Click those dots.
How to Leave a Facebook Group 6
  • When you do so, a drop down menu would appear. The option for leaving the group will be at the very bottom of it where it says: “leave group” with an exit door icon beside it. Select that option and confirm when the confirmation window pops up.

You have now successfully left a Facebook group through desktop.


If you are using a mobile device, such as your cellphone, you are mostly likely using the app. Follow these steps that guide you how to leave a Facebook group through the app.

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  1. Assuming you are already logged in (if you are not, just enter your email address and password or your phone number), you will be on your newsfeed by default. Select the three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other which you can see at the top right corner of your screen. It will have a lot options go through, like gaming, pages, events etc. See if you can find “groups” and select it. However, if you can’t find it this way, it is understandable because the layout is sort of a chaotic grid. What you can do about that is to go back and look for the groups option at the top of your screen. It should an icon with people illustrated in it, to the right of your newsfeed/home page icon. Select it.
newsfeed home page icon. Select it
How to Leave a Facebook Group 7
  • Then select the “your groups” option that you see on the top left. When you do that, it will show you a list of groups that you are part of. The pinned ones, if you have pinned any of your groups, will appear at the very top, and others will be further down the list. Scroll until you find the one you wish to leave and click on the said group.
  • Now you are on that group’s home page. You should see the familiar three white dots in the top right corner of your screen over the group’s banner image. Select those dots to reveal the actions you can take on the group, like report, pin, share etc. The “leave group” option would be at the very bottom. Select it.
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  • A pop up message will ask you to confirm in case you have clicked on the leave option accidentally and did not actually wish to leave the group.  Furthermore, there may be better options than leaving it. For example you may just turn off the notifications if that is what bothers you and not the posts in your feed or the group itself. To reevaluate your options, the message will give you “more options.” However, if you really want to leave the group, select “leave group permanently.”

You now have successfully learned how to leave a Facebook group through the app.

What Happens When You Leave a Facebook Group?

When you decide to leave a group on Facebook, you will:

  • No longer receive notifications about the group, like any updates, post notifications etc.
  • No longer see its posts in your feed.
  • No longer be able to comment on its posts if someone tags you there.
  • No longer have this group in your list of groups.

Don’t worry, members wouldn’t be notified if you leave the group. You will still be able to see the posts if someone shares them on your feed or tags you in one of the posts (provided that it is not a private group).

That was all about how to leave a Facebook group. Groups are fun and good for socializing and finding like-minded people who share your interests, but we understand that they can be too overwhelming sometimes. It is also understandable if you have simply lost interest in them. In such a case, we hope you found our guide helpful and easy to implement.