How to Hack Facebook
How to Hack Facebook (Is It Even Possible?) 5

We’ve all heard the mainstream media report on the hacking of major websites across many sectors. The hacking of systems in place is also something we are well aware of. Notably, the intensity of the hacking of systems was never more important than in the US elections held in 2016. In fact, many institutions and intelligence agencies in the US concluded that hacking done by foreign countries to try to influence the elections was in fact a reality.

Furthermore, the dynamics of cyber-crime have been popularized with the historic viewership received for Netflix’s show Money Heist (one among many others). We all saw the Professor hack into the systems of the most highly guarded of banks in Spain and change our perceptions about what is possible and what is not.

Interestingly, numerous hacking cases coming to limelight has never made us question the security of the most widely-used social media platform in the world: Facebook. Is Facebook’s security system more secure than other systems? Could the Professor from Money Heist have hacked into Facebook? Why didn’t hostile foreign governments hack Facebook to influence elections?

The key question here is whether Facebook’s systems are as susceptible as other institutions are to hacking attempts. If yes, then the billion-dollar question is “how to hack Facebook?”

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How to hack Facebook (Is it even possible?)

Is it even possible
How to Hack Facebook (Is It Even Possible?) 6

To provide clarity regarding the latter half of the article’s title; the answer is yes. With the ongoing speed of technological change, every day is a new day in the tech world. Advanced security systems become outdated as fast as they are introduced. Just like companies are able to develop better systems for protection, hackers also gain advanced skills to access the latest technology.

What this means is that you need to be constantly on your toes in the cyber world or else you will be quashed by predators. This is why Facebook conducts hackathons to reward people who help Facebook detect any possible loopholes in its systems.

Now that we have established that hacking Facebook is indeed a possibility, we explore the question of how to hack Facebook.  

Two Hacking Methods - How to Hack Facebook

Hacking Methods
How to Hack Facebook (Is It Even Possible?) 7


How phishing works is that you create a page which looks exactly like Facebook – attention must be paid in copying every little detail. Like an original Facebook page, the user must first put in their username and password. The difference here is that as soon as the login information is entered, a text file is created by the hacker to store the data. To put it simply, the hacker now has the credentials to access the user’s Facebook account from anywhere.

Certain important points to note include:

  • The phishing attack must not be made on Google. This is because Google has an intelligent detection system which will warn the user before they share their personal information. Perhaps, sending a promotional email which contains a link will be a good idea.
  • As soon as you log into the account you have hacked, an email will be sent to the user that their account has been logged in from a new device. Therefore, you may have an extremely short time to perform whatever action you want to from that account.

That being said, hacking Facebook through phishing is a highly-clever idea.


As the name suggests, key-logging attacks attempt to trail a person’s activity through their keyboard usage. The idea is to get a trace of the keyboards which a person has used while logging into their account. This activity can be carried out by installing a software inside the targeted user’s device.

This may again be done through use of an email containing an enticing link address. As soon as the target opens that link, a software is automatically downloaded in their device. A well-known software which can be used to for this hacking endeavor is named Keylogger. In fact, the question of how to hack Facebook has the easiest answer when you have access to the Keylogger software.

How the software works is that it starts recording the activity of the user as soon as it gets downloaded in the device. Moreover, the software has the ability to directly send you the recorded data on your email. You can then use the data to figure out the password used by the person on Facebook.

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Some key points to note:

  • For the key-logging attack to work, the user has to be made to click the link which has the hidden software attached.
  • Since the software is hidden, even people with a strong command over computer security may fall prey to the key-logging attack. Thus, it is a good option to use even if your target is tech savvy.


In spite of the possibility of hacking on Facebook, it remains one of the well-guarded platforms on the internet. Also, it is important to note here that in spite of the possibility, the probability of a successful hacking attempt is highly low. This is because Facebook has a great system in place to warn users when there is some suspicious activity going on.

The key point to take away from this article is to be vigilant about the security alert emails received from Facebook. Additionally, using secure platforms for your online activity is highly recommended. Lastly, one great investment you can make is to purchase a good anti-virus system for your computer. The advantage of an anti-virus system is that it can be kept on alert for 24 hours a day. This is particularly important because a large chunk of mistakes is made by people who are sleepy or have a diverted attention while using the internet.

This article has provided you a brief guideline on how to hack Facebook so that you may use this knowledge for enhanced protection. We hope that you don’t make the same mistakes the hacker wants you to make.