Facebook is one of the most preferred online platforms for businesses in the present day. It provides various tools like ad manager, business manager, etc. to improve our brand’s reach. The marketplace is one such tool that provides an excellent platform to run the market. How to get marketplace on Facebook? Read and find out! 

Facebook’s Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is a digital market that allows users to buy, sell and trade different items. It allows the following operations: 

  • Search and buy various items. 
  • Browse the items based on different categories and locations. 
  • Create listings for different items by adding photographs and other details, and sort them based on location and category. 
  • Fix customer bids for the sorted items. 
  • Manage the transactions and messaging history. 
  • Chat with sellers and buyers, and prepare for transactions. 

Facebook isn’t responsible for the transactions happening through the marketplace. The users need to work among themselves for this. Most businesses use this tool from Facebook owning to these benefits. They try to understand the customers' pulse by their reactions like liking the items, sharing them, etc. 

How to get marketplace on Facebook

Everyone wasn’t given access to Facebook’s marketplace in the beginning. The users need to fulfill some criteria to use it. We need to know these requirements before getting to know how to get marketplace on Facebook. They are as follows: 

  • Facebook Marketplace is only available for people above the age of 18. 
  • Users belonging to Australia, the US, UK, and New Zealand can access the Marketplace on their mobiles (both Android and iOS). 

The access to the other countries and its desktop version is soon to hit the market and serve the users.  

Wonder how to get marketplace on Facebook? Here is how: 

  • There is a direct link to the Facebook Marketplace. Anyone can access the tool through this link. 
  • You can also access it through the shortcut icon present on your Facebook handle with the name ‘Marketplace.’ 

Getting along the Marketplace

We can either buy or sell something on the marketplace. As we mentioned earlier, Facebook doesn’t facilitate the items’ delivery and their payment. These actions entirely depend on the buyer and seller. 

  1. Buying from Marketplace: 

Marketplace is similar to other online markets like eBay. Here, we can find almost everything from different sellers. 

  • Go to the marketplace through any of the methods mentioned above. 
  • You can find listings of different categories like vehicles, entertainment, hobbies, etc. 
  • Choose from these categories and browse the items. 
  • You can also reach specific items by typing their name on the search bar. 

As soon as you find the item you wanted, leave a message to the seller for further negotiations. 

  1. Selling on Marketplace: 

Just like buying something from it, we can also sell various items on the marketplace. Almost everything except some commodities like guns and other restricted items can be sold here. 

  • Go to the Marketplace page and click on ‘+ Sell Something.’ 
  • Select the ‘Item for Sale’ icon and enter the details like price, location, title, etc., relevant to the item. 
  • Post the item’s photos through the ‘+ Photos’ option and click on ‘Post.’ 
How to get marketplace on Facebook

Your item is now available on the listings relevant to your location. Your circle may not receive the notifications about you adding an item. However, they can see the same if they live nearby your location. 

Renewing the Listings

In some cases, the item you post remains unsold for more than 7 days. If that happens, you need to either renew its listing or remove it permanently. If you choose to renew it, follow these steps. 

  • Head to the ‘Your Items’ section on the Marketplace. 
  • Select the listing to be renewed and click on the ‘Manage’ option. 
  • A menu with different options displays on the screen. Select ‘Renew in Marketplace’ from the available choices. 

Marketplace on Facebook is just like most other online markets, as mentioned above. The only thing to be taken care of is choosing the right seller and tracking the entire transaction until your item gets delivered. 

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