How to download Facebook videos? Read below.

Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to connect with each other. Its reach is so much that people post everything on their Facebook handles. We often come across several viral videos that intrigue us. A video becomes viral by most people watching it, sharing and commenting on it for better reach. Some videos impress us so much that we want to watch them again and again. So, knowing how to download Facebook videos can save the day. 

Wonder why we need to download something? Well, what if the video is deleted by the person who posted it? Or, what if you cannot find it anywhere? Poor networking issues can also interrupt your fun. On the whole, downloading the videos is the best choice. Here is how to download Facebook videos on different devices. 

Downloading Facebook Videos on a PC/ Laptop 

As we mentioned earlier, downloading Facebook videos is the best way to enjoy watching the content. We can download the videos on different devices like mobiles (both Android and iOS), desktops, tablets, etc. We will need a downloading application or a website before heading to the steps for how to download Facebook videos. 

You can choose either of them based on preference and follow the process mentioned below: 

1. Download through a Website 

There are numerous websites available on the internet to download Facebook videos. You can pick any of them as per choice. However, ensure that the source is safe before you proceed with the download. There are no hard and fast rules to download the videos. In general, you can follow the process below: 

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  • Open the desired video and right-click on it. From the seen menu box, choose the ‘Copy URL’ option. 
  • Proceed to the website you chose for downloading the videos and paste the copied link in the appropriate place. 
  • The source usually asks you to select the quality of the downloaded video, as in SD or HD. Choose the required one. 
  • Right-click on the video and select the appropriate option to save the video onto your device. 

The process mentioned above is a general approach for downloading a video from Facebook. It is likely to change based on the chosen source, as mentioned above. 

How to download Facebook videos
How to download Facebook videos for Offline Viewing? 4

2. Download through an App 

We can also download Facebook videos using an app. Several applications are available for this purpose. We can also find different versions of these apps like the Android version, iOS version, Mac version, Windows version, etc. Choose the app’s extension based on the device you use. Once you pick the suitable app, follow the below steps: 

  • Install the chosen source on the device you wish to download the videos. 
  • Open the video to be downloaded and copy the link by right-clicking on it. 
  • Open the application and paste the link in the appropriate place. 
  • Choose the desired download quality and click on the ‘Download’ option. 

Again, this is also a general approach for downloading Facebook videos through an app. It can change based on the app you choose. Most apps provide a wide range of options for a video’s download quality. It varies from as low as 144p to as high as 4K resolution. Choose the app based on the desired quality and ease of using it. 

How to download Facebook videos
How to download Facebook videos for Offline Viewing? 5

3. Downloading Facebook Videos on a Smartphone 

The process for downloading Facebook videos on mobile through a website is almost the same as above. There is a slight difference in the app version. Here, you need to choose the app’s version based on the smartphone you use. Most apps for downloading Facebook videos are available in both Android and iOS versions. Download the same through ‘Google Play Store' for Android phones and ‘App Store' for iOS phones and follow the same process mentioned above. You can check the downloaded video on your phone’s default photos app. 

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