How to download Facebook live videos? See below.

Facebook live streaming, which was introduced in 2016, has gained a lot of traction and piqued people's attention. It's a fantastic solution for both personal and commercial customers that want to live stream material simply. On Facebook, one out of every five videos is a live stream. You can increase the views and comments on these videos buying followers. The most frequent question that arises is, how to download Facebook live videos?

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What Are the Best Ways to Search Facebook Live Streams?

When a person stops broadcasting, Facebook completes the recordings and allows the person to post the recorded video broadcast to their account or page. If a person has decided to broadcast a recorded video stream, it is possible to access that person's previous Facebook online streams and collection. How to download Facebook live videos? Read below.

How to download Facebook live videos
How to download Facebook live videos? 4

Popular Repurposing Ideas for Facebook Live Streaming

  • Publish them on other websites.
  • Instead of merely adding a video link, post them on your personal webpage and save it to your hard disk for safekeeping and future use.
  • You may distribute your films in a variety of ways, including by mailing them to your newsletter recipients.
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Facebook is an excellent platform for live video broadcasting. Each video is one-of-a-kind and might be one of the finest you've ever made. Keeping a local copy of your video is usually a smart idea. You can save the video stream if you wish to use it for anything else but don't have the entire data. People may save their own live streams on Facebook. The resolution, unfortunately, will be inferior to that of the official version. In such instances, desktop applications such as Cisdem Video Converter can be used.

You'll also require the aid of third-party applications or programs if you want to save somebody else's online streams for offline viewing. How to download Facebook live videos? See next.

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How to download Facebook live videos from somebody else’s profile?

Using a desktop application, which can give high-quality downloads, bulk downloads, and other key characteristics is the best option for saving Facebook live stream. This section will teach you how to save Facebook live stream in the highest quality possible, whether it's from somebody else's account or just your own.

1. Using Desktop Programs

There are different applications available for your PC irrespective of the fact whether it is Mac or Windows. These applications allow you to download videos from not only Facebook but also other social media platforms in high quality. They provide an effortless, user-friendly UI that makes it easy to save Facebook online streams in mass.

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Some common benefits of these applications are:

  • Save Facebook live streams and other clips from a variety of sources.
  • Enable simultaneous downloads, High-quality and fast downloads.
  • Downloaded videos may also be converted to MP3, AVI, MOV, and other formats.
  • Other functions include converting, compressing, modification, and so forth.

Simply add several Facebook online streams to the list to save them all at once. Furthermore, the program will operate all Facebook videos at the same time.

How to download Facebook live videos
How to download Facebook live videos? 5
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2. Downloading Facebook Live Streams using a Web Tool

The most significant benefit of this approach is its simplicity. If you simply need to save either one or two live videos every now and then, you may do it online. Internet-based methods can't save in quantity, and they can't save video clips in high definition.


  • It is simple and convenient to use.
  • Nothing needs to be installed.
  • You may also save movies from other people's Facebook pages.


  • We are unable to give the highest level of quality.
  • It's unable to cope with personal videos.
  • Occasionally things don't work out.

This option's optimal for those people who want to download a few videos once in a while.

3. Using Apps for Android or iOS


  • Simple to use
  • There's no need to copy and paste the URL for the Facebook live video
  • Potentially download several files at once
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  • Applications must be downloaded and installed.
  • Downloading in the maximum quality is not possible.