There is no denying the point, Facebook has earned a lot of interest and time from most teenagers. As we all use it we must all be aware of the features it provides us with. Features such as how to delete photos on Facebook and how to operate Facebook. 

What are photos on Facebook? 

Posting photos is one of the many incredible features of Facebook. Sitting at your home drinking a cup of tea or coffee and by simply opening your account you can see distant people and their photos

What can one see through someone's photos? 

  • You can see what one is wearing and doing.
  • You see a person's location.
  • Read knowledgeable articles and blogs. 
  • You can like and react to a post. 
  • The latest updates are delivered.

Amazing isn't it? Thanks to this app for always aiming to bring the world closer through social platforms. It's happening now. And we all are benefited in ways through it. 

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We understood what posting photos mean, let's see where these photos go and how to delete photos on Facebook once we don't need them anymore. 

How To Delete Photos On Facebook
How To Delete Photos On Facebook? 4

Where do your deleted photos go on Facebook? 

Before heading toward our useful article of the day, one must know that Facebook is a very sought app. It keeps your pictures in the trash for you to retrieve the photo if you change your mind or delete them in an unfortunate situation. 

One can regain their photo only thirty days after deleting the photo, if you don't retrieve the post within those thirty days it will be permanently gone. 

Steps to delete photos of Facebook on a PC

1- Open google on your desktop and go to Facebook's official website. 

2- Log into your account. As you log in, your news feed will be shown on your desktop's screen. 

3- Later you've to set your eyes on the upper right corner of the screen, open your name tab. 

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4- Once you press on your name tab you'll see an option below as Photos. Click on it. You can now see all your posted photos as you scroll down. 

5- Select a photo to delete once you have decided the one. As you do that you'll see an icon of a pencil. 

6- Now click on the pencil icon, this option will lead you to a drop-down menu. 

7- In that menu, you'll see the last or second last option to delete this photo. Click it and then confirm again by pressing delete. 

Your photo will be deleted from your feed within a second and moved to trash. 

How To Delete Photos On Facebook1 How To Delete Photos On Facebook?
How To Delete Photos On Facebook? 5

Steps to delete photos of Facebook through a smartphone

1- Download the Facebook app if you don't have it installed. 

2- Log into your account if you're not already logged in.

3- Tap on the three horizontal lines. These lines are the Menu option. You'll find them at the bottom right corner or top right corner depending on your mobile phone model. 

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4- Now you could see your name, tap on your name. This will lead you to your profile.

5- Now as you scroll down you will find the tab of Photos. Click on it and go to your uploaded photos. 

6- By clicking on the uploaded photos you will be able to see all the pictures that you have uploaded to your account. 

7- You may now select any photo where you could see dots on the right side at the top of your photos. Click on it. 

8- As you click on it, you will see the option delete photo. Once you're sure about deleting your picture you can go ahead and delete it.

Anyhow as mentioned above it stays in the trash for 30 days and you can retrieve it before that. 

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