Pages in Facebook are more prevalent than personal handles. Various people own pages on the platform through which they post different content. We can find pages with different purposes like entertainment, business, promotions, etc. The job might be tiring and at times lead us in searching how to delete page in Facebook. 

Everyone has their own reasons for trying to delete their page. Either they are bored or looking to find something else. Maybe, the page hasn’t reached many and gets limited interaction and comments on posts from it. Whatever be the crux, it is upon us to delete the page whenever we feel like it. So, here is how to delete page in Facebook or unpublish it for a while. 

Deleting a Page on Facebook

Deleting a page would require you to be the admin of it. There are two directions for deleting a page on Facebook. It can either be a personal one or a part of your business manager. Let’s see how to delete page in Facebook for both ways. 

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1. Deleting a General Page

As we mentioned earlier, you need to be an admin to perform this action. If you are the only or one of the admins, follow the process given below: 

  • Go to your page through your Facebook account’s Newsfeed
  • There is a ‘Page Settings’ option at the bottom towards the left. Select it to open all the actions related to the page. 
  • Click on the ‘General’ option, and select the ‘Remove Page’ from the choices displayed there. 
  • Your page’s name would be displayed along with the ‘Delete’ option. Select that option. 
  • Continue with the ‘Delete Page’ option and confirm the same by clicking on the ‘OK’ button. 

Note that Facebook keeps your page’s data for 14 days before deleting it permanently. In case you wish to retrieve the action, you can do so within this window. After this period, your page is permanently deleted, and there is no way to reverse the action. 

How to delete page in Facebook
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2. Deleting a Page from Business Manager

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Facebook Business Manager tool allows users to manage different pages as a part of it. You need to be the page’s admin to delete some or all the pages from it. Moreover, the page you wish to delete shouldn’t have any connection with the other assets on your business manager. 

If you no longer wish to manage a particular page from your business manager, you can delete it in the following way.

  • On the business manager, go to the ‘Business Settings’ option. 
  • Click on ‘Accounts’ and select the ‘Pages’ option from the choices displayed there. 
  • Choose the page that you wish to remove from the manager and click on ‘Remove.’ 

If you wish to hide your page from public view and return the operations after some time, you can unpublish it instead of deleting it permanently. 

  • Go to the ‘Pages’ option from your account’s ‘Newsfeed.’ 
  • Select your page and click on the ‘Page Settings’ option. 
  • Under the ‘General’ section, select ‘Page Visibility.’ 
  • Click and select 'Page unpublished' option and proceed by selecting ‘Save Changes.’ 
  • Enter the reason for this action, click on ‘Next’ and finish the process by selecting the ‘Unpublish’ option. 
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Facebook sometimes unpublishes newly created pages automatically. This happens when the page remains inactive for a long time. 

How to delete page in Facebook
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At any time, if you wish to retrieve your page after deleting it, you can do so within 14 days, as mentioned above. Go to your page within this time, proceed to the ‘Settings’ option and select the ‘Cancel Deletion’ option. Confirm the same by clicking on ‘OK.’ However, this action cannot be possible after 14 days, and your page is deleted forever. In case you aren’t sure about deletion, you can unpublish it first. Delete it if you still feel like it.