Billions of people use Facebook and most of them adore this app. There have been users for more than 10 years now or maybe more. One can make and unmake friends through Facebook. Toxic friends are meant to be deleted so we must all know about how to delete friends on Facebook. 


How To Delete Friends On Facebook

Which are some of the Facebook features that amaze every one of us? 

There are numerous features on Facebook that are beneficial to all its users. All of them are used in day-to-day life and help gain satisfaction.

One could also see another person’s life to get inspired and motivated. 

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Feature of deleting friends on Facebook

There are individuals we wish to remove from our personal life and there are individuals we want to remove from our social life too. Facebook has made it easy for us by giving us the option of removing friends from our profile. 

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In case you don’t want someone to be your friend on Facebook anymore you can simply remove them by knowing how to remove friends on Facebook

But you need to note, once you remove someone from your friend’s list you’re also removed from that same individual’s friends list.

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You do the action of both sides. They won’t follow you or you won’t follow them anymore. Well, this action of deleting friends on Facebook is called unfriending. 

Let’s see the steps to follow the action to conduct and complete. You could do this on your phone and your desktop. Read all the steps carefully. 

Steps to delete your Facebook friends on your desktop

1- Open Chrome and search for Facebook’s website. 

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2- Fill in all the login details. 

Log into your account through the website. 

3- You are now on your account’s news feed. At the right corner on the top, you’ll be able to see a search bar. Click on that. 

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4- Search for your friend’s name or account. You’ll find their account if the spelling is correct. 

5- Once you find their profile, tap on it and enter their profile page. 

6- As they are your friends on Facebook. You’ll see a tab called friends. Click on it and you’ll see the last option as unfriend. 

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7- Tap unfriend. You’ve now removed the person and he/she is no longer your friend. 

How To Delete Friends On Facebook
How To Delete Friends On Facebook? 4

Steps to delete your Facebook friends through your smartphone

1- Open the Facebook app or download it if you don’t have it on your phone already. 

2- Log into your account by putting all the details needed. 

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3- As you log in you’ll see a search bar at the top right corner of your screen. Press it.

4- Now find your friend that you want to remove by typing his/her name in the search bar. 

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5- As you find your friend on Facebook, go to his/her profile and search for the option friends. 

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6- Later tap on the option friends and you’ll get an option as unfriend. 

7- Tap unfriend. Now you have simply deleted your friend. This way neither you nor they could see one another’s post.

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