Creating a Facebook business page or a fan page is an easy process and so is deleting it from Facebook. There may be many reasons you’d want to delete a Facebook page. You may be ending your business or starting a new one. Perhaps you’re not able to post regularly for your audience and can’t cater to them anymore. Maybe your busy schedule is wearing you down and you need a social media break.

There may be many reasons to want to delete your page but permanently deleting it might be a drastic step. You may also opt for a more temporary option such as unpublishing it, which is essentially hiding it from appearing in Facebook search results.

In this article we have outlined instructions for unpublishing a page, merging a page and deleting a page. You can choose whichever option suits you best.

Understand the distinction in Facebook pages and Facebook profiles

Profiles and pages on Facebook are different things. A Facebook profile represents an individual’s identity which can be used to socialise and interact with other profiles on Facebook. Whereas Facebook pages are usually made to represent a person, business or any organisation, for entertainment purposes or possibly as fan pages. Anything you post is public and is available for everyone to see, like or follow.

Facebook pages can be of two types. One is the business page on Facebook, the other type is public pages or fan pages made for celebrities and TV shows.

If you decide to delete your account after thoroughly evaluating the pros and cons of the process, this article will provide you with a step by step guide on how to go about it. We have given instructions for both a PC and a mobile device.

How to Delete a Facebook Page Using Your PC

Step 1

Go to Open the website in the browser you’re using. Sign into your account by filling your email and password in the given spaces if you’re not logged in already.

Step 2

At the top right corner of the page, select the menu icon. A drop down menu will be shown. Choose the name of the page you wish to delete.

How to Delete a Facebook Page Using Your PC

Step 3

Select the settings tab at the bottom right corner as shown to manage page settings.

Select the settings tab

Step 4

Click the general tab at the top of the list. It will direct you to a page showing general settings of the page.

Click the general tab

Step 5

Look down to the end of the page where remove page option is visible. Choose remove page.

Step 6

When you erase your page you’ll have 14 days to re-establish it in the event that your mind changes. Select delete (page name).

Select delete (page name)

For example if the page’s name is Shawn Mendes fan club, you would choose delete Shawn Mendes fan club.

Step 7

Select delete page as another dialogue box pops up. As you confirm the option, your page will be deleted successfully from Facebook.

Select delete page

Step by step instructions to delete a Facebook Page on Mobile

Step 1

Tap on the icon for Facebook from your mobile phone. You will be directed to your newsfeed if you’re already logged in. If you’re not, log in using your email address/ phone number and enter the password.

Step 2

Tap on “☰”.  It’s found at the bottom right corner in an iPhone and top right corner for Android phones.

Step 3

A list of options will appear for the account’s settings. Choose pages. Scroll down if you’re using Android to find the option. A list of pages made by your account will appear.

account’s settings

Step 4

Tap on the page you want to delete. This will open the required page.

page you want to delete

Step 5

Choose the settings icon at the top right of your screen or Tap the edit page option if is visible to you.

Choose the settings icon

Step 6

Tap General at the top of the menu.

top of the menu

Step 7

Scroll down to the remove page option. Tap on permanently delete (page name) to delete your account.

remove page option

Step 8

A confirmatory message will appear. Tap on delete page to successfully delete your account. You cannot undo this process once done.

Tap on delete page

Choices to Consider Before You Delete a Facebook Page

Instead of deleting a Facebook page permanently and never having access to it again, you can choose some alternatives. Unpublishing or merging the page are some useful options to consider here.

Doing so, only the page admin is able to see the page and it’s not visible to any other eye. Furthermore, you can merge your multiple pages made for a similar cause and not lose the followers you already have. Learn how to unpublish your page or merge it with another and save plenty of time in the long run.

Merging a Facebook Page

If you end up creating multiple pages for the same business or purpose, there’s no need to delete either and lose your followers. You can easily merge the two pages together using this easy guide.

  • Follow the steps above one through six if using your phone, and step one through four if operating through your PC. 
  • After reaching the general settings, you’ll see the option to merge pages. You need to be an admin for both the pages to use this action.

Unpublishing a Facebook Page

Sometimes you may be unable to regularly update your page or keep it alive, unpublishing it for some time is a good option if you don’t want to lose the page permanently. Getting your page unpublished is basically hiding it from everyone, even your followers; only the admin is able to see the page.

Essentially anybody with administrator access can republish the page, at the point when you decide that you do require it, all things considered. For unpublishing your page, adhere to the directions above to open settings.

  • In “general settings” you can see page visibility as an option. Choose the option edit.
  • Choose the option Unpublish page and save. Followers of your page will lose access temporarily to your page until you republish. You will retain all your followers if you choose to Unpublish.

If you decide to republish the page later, your followers will be able to search up the page and its posts. It will appear in the newsfeed of everyone who has liked the page.

Important Notes:

  • Only those with admin access are able to delete the page. If you are not able to see the options as stated above, you probably don’t have the permission to delete the account.
  • Once a page is deleted, you can bring it back within 14 days but it can be tricky. It’s always safe to have the Facebook page unpublished instead, in case you change your mind later on.
  • You will not receive any email notification from Facebook confirming the page deletion. Once you delete it by following the above mentioned steps, it’s done. Be sure that you are ready to delete it before doing so.
  • Your page will remain accessible on Facebook unless you delete it manually. Once deleted you cannot go back.