How to deactivate Facebook Account? See below.

We often come across situations where we need a break from everything. Social media is the first thought whenever such scenarios arise. Naturally, people think of deactivating their handles before anything else. So, the search for how to deactivate Facebook account is quite common nowadays. 

Facebook is one widely used social networking site with millions of users. Almost everyone around us is likely to have a Facebook account. Also, Facebook is one of the most happening platforms with constant updates like comments on posts, likes, and notifications. Temporary off from this platform is not a bad thing. So, here is a peek into how to deactivate Facebook account and what happens after that. 

how deactivate Facebook account
How to deactivate Facebook Account for some time? 4

Deactivating an Account on Facebook: How to Deactivate Facebook Account?

Deactivating an account on Facebook generally refers to shut the account off for some time and log in back whenever needed. Whenever someone performs this action, your account is subject to the following aspects. 

  • Your profile is not visible to anyone. 
  • Some information like messages between friends is visible. 
  • People on your network will still see you on their friends' list. 
  • Any page fully controlled by you also gets deactivated. 

You can also choose to keep Facebook Messenger active while your Facebook account is deactivated. If you are logged in to Messenger, you can enjoy the following: 

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  • Chatting with friends on Messenger. 
  • Your display picture will be visible in your Messenger conversations. 
  • Others can send in messages to you. 

Steps to Deactivate Facebook Account

You can use any device to deactivate your account. The following are the steps for how to deactivate Facebook account. 

  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right of the window after you log into your account. 
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu from the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. 
  • Head to the menu towards the left and select the ‘Your Information’ option. 
  • Select the ‘Deactivation and Deletion’ option and choose ‘Deactivate Account.’ 
  • Follow the instructions after pressing ‘Continue to Account Deactivation’ and complete the process. 

Deactivation vs Deletion

People usually confuse between deactivation and account deletion on Facebook. Both of them are entirely different. Deactivation is a temporary closure, whereas deletion is a permanent thing. In case of deactivation, you can log in to your account whenever you feel like it and continue using it. 

Deleting an account is irreversible. You will lose all the content like posts and entire information from your account on deleting it. However, Facebook provides a certain window period to cancel the deletion process. It cannot be undone after this period. If you wish to delete your Facebook account permanently

  • Log in to Facebook on any device and press the drop-down arrow in the top right corner. 
  • Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ and head to the ‘Settings’ menu. 
  • Go to ‘Your Information – Deactivation and Deletion.’ 
  • Here, you need to select ‘Delete Account’ and proceed to ‘Continue Deletion.’ 
  • Confirm the process by entering your profile password and click ‘Continue.’ 
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The process for deactivation and deletion is almost the same. The difference lies in choosing the Deactivate Account for the former and the Delete Account option for the latter. 

how deactivate Facebook account
How to deactivate Facebook Account for some time? 5

Reactivating an Account

As we mentioned earlier, you can reactivate the account whenever you wish to, in case of deactivation. The following is the process for reactivating a Facebook account

  • Log in to your account with the same credentials you used to deactivate the account. 
  • Have access to either the email ID or mobile number associated with your account. 
  • You may receive a piece of confirmation-related information. Enter the same wherever asked (if necessary) and follow the instructions. 

After this, you will regain complete control over your account. Everything will remain the same as you left it. If there is any page associated with your account and you are the only person accessing it, you can reactivate it too.