Social media is a crucial tool for every business in the present day. Platforms like Facebook aid in enhancing growth and reaching potential customers. Knowing how to create a Facebook page for business can help achieve the intended results.

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook is a powerful platform in ongoing scenarios. Owning a page on this platform cuts the promotional expenses and does excellent marketing. Almost everyone has an account on Facebook. So, it is easy to reach them through this platform when compared to the others.

how to create a Facebook page for business
5 Steps for How to create a Facebook page for business 4

Why Business Page? How to create a Facebook page for business?

You might wonder why we need a separate page for business when we can do everything with personal profiles. But business profiles and pages have better reach and more possibilities. We can run various ad campaigns, figure out people’s interests through their actions like comments and likes on the ads, etc.

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Moreover, we can maintain a balance between our professional and personal lives by managing a business page, and the list goes on! Here is how to create a Facebook page for business in simple steps:

  1. Create the Page

Go to the Pages section of Facebook and select the ‘Create’ option. You’ll find different page options like brand/community, business, or a public figure. As you need a business page, select that and click on the ‘Get Started’ button against it. Enter the necessary information related to your business.

  • Name - it is best to keep the page and the business name the same for easy identification.
  • Category – describe your business in 2-3 words. Choose the category that is more likely to represent your business as a whole.
  • Details – enter few details like name, address, etc. You can choose to hide these details or display them to your public.

Click on ‘Continue’ after reviewing these details.

2. Develop the Page

Pictures create a significant impact on people. So, choose the display and cover pictures such that they create a strong visual impression. Ensure that they align with your business. If you have a recognizable brand, use your logo as the display picture. Doing so would make it easy for people to recognize your services.

Display pictures are cropped into a circle. So, avoid important details in the picture corners. Use the options ‘Upload Profile Picture’ and ‘Upload Cover Photo’ once you decide the appropriate pictures for your page. You’ll get a preview of the page after uploading the pictures.

how to create a Facebook page for business
5 Steps for How to create a Facebook page for business 5

3. Add the Details

After adding the photos, create a unique username. Once your name is approved, a dialogue box appears giving different links. People can connect with your brand using these links on Facebook and Messenger. Then proceed to add the business details. Most people usually skip this step. But it is best to complete these, as they give valuable information about your brand. Some details to be added are – description, categories, location, operating hours, etc. Click on ‘Save Changes’ after entering the information.

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4. Finish the Setup

Till now, you entered all the details related to your business. However, there isn’t much information on why people can engage with your brand. Facebook provides ‘see more,’ ‘our story,’ and ‘about’ sections for this purpose. Add whatever you want people to know about your business. These are excellent places to publish all the catchy details related to your brand. Uploading a relevant photo and keeping a headline for your story creates a compelling reason for people to check your page. Click on ‘publish’ option when you are done.

5. Publish the Page

It is best to create an intriguing post before you invite people to view your page. Note that first impressions are always crucial. So, create a valuable first post and hit the ‘Publish Page’ button.

This is how to create a Facebook page for business. Your page is now live and visible to the world.