Facebook is a widely used social networking website. People use this platform in numerous ways, like communicating with others, staying connected with family, etc. Various people also use this platform for business purposes. These days, the search for how to change Facebook name became quite common among people. 


It isn’t necessary to have a proper reason to change the name. We can do it whenever we feel like it. In some cases, there might be a genuine purpose like changing the business name, a go-to name found in the comments section, etc. Whatever be the reason, here is how to change Facebook name in different ways. 

how to change Facebook name
How to Change Facebook Name in Various Ways? 16

How to change Facebook name?

Facebook allows its users to change the name in three different ways. They are – 

  • Changing the name on the profile 
  • Change the username and
  • The name of a page on Facebook 

Facebook has certain rules for each of these changes. Any user can make the changes only if the name lies within the chosen standards. Let’s understand the process for all three categories. 

  1. Profile Name Change

A profile name is usually the one appearing on documents or an ID. Before beginning with the process, verify the ‘Profile Name Standards’ from Facebook. If the name matches the rules, follow the steps given below: 

  • Log into your Facebook handle and click on the ‘Settings’ option present on the top-right corner. 
  • Select the ‘Name’ option and enter the desired name. 
  • Click on ‘Review Change,’ enter your profile password to confirm the same, and click on ‘Save Changes.’ 

It is only possible to change the profile name once in 60 days. So, it is best to be sure about the changes. 

2. Username Change

The username change on Facebook is possible for accounts and pages too. The name changes for pages need to go through the ‘Username Guidelines’ to be approved. 

For a Profile

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to the drop-down menu present on the top-right corner. 
  • Select the ‘Settings’ option and click on ‘Username.’ 
  • Enter the changes and confirm the same with your profile password. Click on ‘Save Changes’ to complete the process. 

For a Page

You need to be an admin of the page to change its username. Also, you need to verify the guidelines as mentioned above. 

  • Log in to the page and click on ‘About’ towards the left side of the page. 
  • Go to ‘General and Username,’ select ‘Edit’ or ‘Page @ Username.’ 
  • Enter the chosen name and click on ‘Create Username.’ 
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Note that the usernames for the pages aren’t changed easily. Sometimes the chosen name might be taken by someone else and becomes unavailable. It is best to keep 2-3 names handy to avoid these situations. 

3. Changing the Name of a Page

The name of a page usually reflects the content posted on it. Again, you need to be the only or one of the admins to make the changes. Also, note that changing the page’s name will not affect its username. Check the ‘Page Name Standards’ of Facebook and follow the process below: 

  • Go to the ‘About’ section towards the page’s left. 
  • Select the ‘General and Name’ option and click on ‘Edit.’ 
  • Enter the desired changes and select ‘Continue.’ 
  • Click on ‘Request Change’ after reviewing the changes. 
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The edit option is sometimes unavailable in the ‘About’ section. If you face this issue, it may be because you are not an admin, don’t have a Page role, or the name was already changed recently. 

After you submit the request to change the page’s name, it might take 2-3 days to process it. Facebook sometimes asks for additional information relevant to the request, if necessary. Once the name is approved, you cannot make further changes or unpublish the page for at least 7 days. Sometimes, the changes are notified to the viewers of your page. 

how to change Facebook name
How to Change Facebook Name in Various Ways? 17

In this way, anyone can change their Facebook name. However, it can only happen if the names satisfy the guidelines set by Facebook. 

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