There can be one thousand reasons why you want to block someone from your Facebook account. We know very well that this platform is full of people that you may not want to interact with. It can be a friend of yours who keeps gossiping about you and your life. It can be some creep that cannot stop messaging you or a bully or troll who only knows how to make you feel bad about yourself.

Those annoying people who can’t let you live alone in peace; maybe a past love interest that has turned into an unpleasant foe or someone else whose profile you don’t want to see anymore. It could be anything, and there is only one solution that is 'block’ them away.

So whatever the case is, blocking people out of your life (and Facebook account) can be quite a relief. However, before we get into how to block someone on Facebook, let’s discuss what impact blocking toxic people has on our lives.

What happens when you get toxic people out of your life?

We all know individuals who are negative and love to whine about everything. While we typically think that their pessimism doesn’t influence us, it unquestionably does in subtle ways. We never realize how they are affecting our lives until we block them. It may sound unforgiving; however, you will be a better off for it. Some beneficial things can happen when you get toxic individuals out of your life. The list is as follows.

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·       No more drama

Toxic individuals love to create drama, gossip about it and include other individuals in it as well. These people, sadly, don't need answers for their issues, despite your attempts to help them. When they are gone from your life, you will no longer be influenced by their dramatization. You will be done taking on their ceaseless conflicts with themselves and with others. Furthermore, you will be liberated from the contentions.

·        No more stress

Toxic individuals are also called passionate vampires since they can drain your energy. They can be manipulative and carry you down with them, due to their cynicism, reactions, and their propensity to speaking awful about others. Being with a poisonous individual who consistently keeps you on edge is certainly not a good way to live. Indeed, the pressure of managing them can wreck your synapses. Without them, you'll discover your feelings of anxiety going down because you have controlled the chaos and closed off the toxin that is draining you.

You will start enjoying your life.

At the point when you've at last gotten away from the negativity, you'll seek a life with positivity and light. Indeed, even disappointments or dissatisfactions can't shake you since you're carrying on with your life as indicated by your own rules. You'll see the value in what you're doing, regardless of whether it's a major or little venture, and appreciate life more. You'll notice that there are a number of things to be cheerful about and appreciative of because nobody is continually telling you what's terrible about everything.

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You will start enjoying your life
How to Block Toxic People on Facebook 8

·        You will regain your self-worth.

The venom that originates from poisonous individuals may have affected your confidence. However, once they're no longer in your life, you recapture what you lost. You'll discover your capacity again and develop more confidence every day you seek new things because there's nobody stating you can't do it.

·        You will change as an individual.

You're not going to be the same person after you get harmful individuals out of your life. Indeed, you'll advance into somebody better, somebody more certain. You'll see that you've figured out how to deal with people better. You've probably also procured a great deal of tolerance, compassion, and comprehension for each individual's troubles since you realize how hard life may be for them.

Life's too short to even think about holding on to connections that weigh you down. Relinquishing harmful companions, relatives or close ties is hard. You may feel different degrees of blame, specialist's state, yet it's as yet a decision you have to make. Venture out for a better life. You will be in a significantly improved spot with individuals and circumstances that let you fly and spread your wings.

How to block individuals on Facebook?

Now that we have discussed how positivity strikes you after you block someone toxic in your life, let’s discuss how to do it on Facebook:

  1. If you are using a mobile, then go to your Facebook app, log-in to your account and then tap those three horizontal lines that you will see on the top or lower right corner. If you are logged in via PC, go tap on the drop-down menu on the top right corner.
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How to Block Toxic People on Facebook
How to Block Toxic People on Facebook 9

2. Then scroll down and choose settings and privacy.

3. After that, tap on settings.

How to Block Toxic People on Facebook
How to Block Toxic People on Facebook 10

4. Then you will see the blocking option, tap that.

How to block individuals on Facebook
How to Block Toxic People on Facebook 11

5. A screen will appear with a box asking you to type a name there.

How to Block Toxic People on Facebook
How to Block Toxic People on Facebook 12

6. After typing the name, tap block.

After you are done blocking that individual, you will see his/her name under blocked users. Blocking someone on Facebook is like closing the door on someone; you won't be able to see them anymore on Facebook. You cannot see their profile, posts, or even comments - it's like they disappeared suddenly. Moreover, even they can't search for you anymore or see your profile. It goes both ways. The individual or people you blocked on Facebook won't be notified that you have blocked them. You'll essentially stop to exist on Facebook to them and will be unsearchable.

What are other options besides blocking?

If you think that a particular individual is harassing you or sending you inappropriate messages and it's not stopping, then you can go to their profile and report them easily. Furthermore, you may contact cybercrime if it gets out of hand.