How do you become a Top fan on Facebook
How do you become a Top fan on Facebook? 13

Now you may wonder what a “Top fan on Facebook” or a “Valued Commenter” badge is. A valued commenter is a badge; you gain when you comment often. Quite Self-explanatory! Just comment often and get a badge. To earn a valued commenter badge, you just need to comment often. Facebook will not see if you remain active on the site or not. However, earning a “Top Fan” badge is a bit more intensive. You will need to stay active on Facebook and increase engagement on pages. People who will be eligible for a Top Fans page will have a badge next to their name when they interact with your Page’s Content.


Benefits of a Top Fan Badge

Nothing is better than being a Top Fan of your favorite music artist or brand owner. With the badge, you can claim the position of being the Top fan online and offline. The benefit of being a top fan is that your voice is being heard. A Top fan badge allows your favorite brand owners to notice you. Having the Top Fan badge next to your name, the brand will reach out to you for feedback on their products. As you have established loyalty to the brand, the business will value your opinion more.

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Top fans will also be granted exclusive deals and discounts from the brand and meetups with their favorite artists. The opportunities are infinite!

Getting a Top Fan Badge

Even though Facebook has not clearly instructed how to get a Top Fans badge, by observation, we have concluded the following.” Facebook users become eligible for the badge on your page by being active on your page. This will include liking, commenting, and sharing content and posts. The most active user will avail of this badge. People who meet the requirement will have a badge while interacting with your content. Business owners will be able to see who their top fans are, as Facebook makes it visible to them on their Community Tab.

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How to get a turn on Top Fan Badge

For a business, to identify your top fan on Facebook, go to your Facebook page, and click on the community button displayed on the left menu panel. Here it will show a list of Top Fans Facebook has identified. If you don’t see the list of Top Fans, read on and explain how to turn this feature.

  • Go to your Page’s setting menu.
Go to your Page's setting menu.
How do you become a Top fan on Facebook? 14
  • Over here, go to Templates and Tabs.
  • Now select the edit option and the video page option.
  • This will open up the option of Facebook Badges.
  • Here you will see a toggle button; drag it to the ON position. Now Facebook will generate your Top Fans using its specific algorithm.
Top Fans using its specific algorithm
How do you become a Top fan on Facebook? 15
  • The option to remove Top Fan Badges from a user is also available. It can be done by clicking on a Top Fan comment and selecting the option “Remove Badge.”

Eligibility of Top Fans for Businesses

To have Top Fans, we should meet some requirements of the company. These eligibilities which must be met are:

  • The page must have 10,000 followers.
  • It must be at least 28 days or older.
  • We must switch settings to video template for Page, according to Facebook. It will not work otherwise if we do not meet this requirement.
  • The business page must have enabled Facebook Badges to make this work.
  • If you don’t have 10,000 followers, don’t fret. Ensure you have a good and sound marketing strategy for engagement with your audience. Your strategy must be compelling enough to help your page gather more likes and fans.

Benefits of Having a Top Fan Base

There are many benefits to having a top fan base. This can be a great opportunity for businesses to get information from valued customers. As Top Fans are loyal and valued customers, businesses must pay attention to what they have to say. As they use your products and services daily and will be able to provide constructive criticism. Constant Improvement in services can lead to a better customer experience, which will, in turn help improve your brand’s reputation. Therefore, brands must read what they have to say to improve quality further.

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This kind of interaction between the organization and its customer is vital, as it helps to address problems and issues early in the development stage. Taking your customer’s advice will help improve your brand and make you stand out from your competition.

Overview of Top Fans

To give a quick revision of what Top Fans is, let go over really quick how you can become one. Facebook doesn’t provide you with clear instructions on how to become a Top Fan. But through some actions, we think it will land you a Top Fan Badge. You will be able to proudly show off this badge while availing of amazing discounts and exclusive meetups.

  • You will need to watch the page’s videos regularly.
  • Reaction to their posts is a must.
  • You may either like or react to the posts on the page to get noticed.
  • The last step is to share the posts they upload.
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This is exciting news for everyone, brands and consumers alike. This new feature benefits all people included in this loop, including Facebook. Brand Owners will know the loyal people, and Top Fans will be rewarded with prizes and rewards. It will also give the members satisfaction that their interactions aren’t going unnoticed. In the end, we mustn’t forget the biggest benefactor in this scenario, which is Facebook. All of this information will be added to Facebook’s vast database.