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Growing your business on a small or limited budget can be a challenge. However, as one of the social media platforms, you can use Facebook to help your growth. Even though some Facebook marketing strategies can require higher payments, you can concentrate on a few of them to your advantage. 

Achieving sustainability and consistency in growth and revenue means that you need to maintain a stable customer base. Furthermore, you need to capture new customers to boost your growth. To achieve this, you may need to profile your target audience to know more about their preferences and trends. Fortunately, there are tools to assist you in attaining this with much ease. Getting a Facebook scraper, for example, can allow you to analyze your followers and their general sentiments about the market trends. From there, you can manage to plan and strategize to meet demand. 

Using scraping tools is one budget-friendly way to know more about your target audience on Facebook. Once done, the below methods can help you market your business more efficiently within your budget. 

  1. Create A Community Page 

Generally, people like to identify with exclusivity. Therefore, you can leverage this human social desire and create a community page where you can interact with your audience on engaging topics. You can find interactive topics centered around your audience’s interests with profile data from scraping. This can help build trust and loyalty with your brand. Some of the audience can become your unpaid brand ambassadors and refer new customers. 

By engaging and taking the lead on the community page, you ensure you are in touch with current trends. This helps you adjust your business strategies and maintain freshness around your brand. As a result, you can drive sales and sustain revenue growth. 

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How Businesses Can Market On Facebook With A Small Budget 3
  1. Keep Your Profile Page Optimized 

Your profile page on Facebook is one of the foremost marketing tools for your business. It can be the difference between exploring the rest of your page or opting out. Therefore, it’s crucial to make it clear, inviting, and direct. 

Stats show that a Facebook page can help your brand well. However, its first impression has to make the visitors to your page want to know more. One of the areas to be keen on is the profile picture and cover photo. While you may keep a constant profile picture for extended periods, it’s vital to have a dynamic cover photo. The profile picture can be your brand logo. On the other hand, the cover photo needs to be interesting, like a new product, campaign, or ad. 

Furthermore, you should ensure that the contact details are correct and updated. It would be best to claim and use a vanity uniform resource locator (URL) on the contact information. As you can only edit it once, it’s recommended that the vanity URL be your brand’s name or a closely associated phrase. This URL is helpful whenever you need to share the address to your business’s page in the comments sections of other posts or feeds. 

Additionally, ensure that you provide a link to your website on the page. This helps direct your audience to an area where they can get more information or shop. 

  1. Optimize Your Ads By Boosting Them 

When you post an ad on Facebook, its reach may be limited. However, using its ‘boost post’ feature, you open your post to a bigger audience and influence. To use this feature better, first, you can create two ads and boost them. After that, check which has more likes and comments and use it as a Facebook ad. The Facebook ad helps improve your post’s conversion rate while using the boost post feature increases its visibility. Both these features help drive traffic and generate leads. 

Facebook has different prices for the boost feature; thus, you can choose one that fits your budget. The result, however, can be pretty positive and help increase your following and sales.

  1. Use Product Catalogue Ads Feature 

Like it sounds, a product catalog ad is a file or collection of files with products you intend to advertise. With a business manager profile, Facebook allows you to create a catalog of your products and then schedule ads depending on which product collection you would like to use. You can select dynamic, collaborative, carousel, collection ads, and ads with product tags. You can occasionally adjust details and products in these catalog ads depending on what you want your customers to see.

One essential feature in catalog ads is your ability to customize them according to region and language to appeal to your target audience. Using catalog ads creates a unique experience for your page visitors and can help improve your brand’s interaction with the customers. Additionally, you can use products from your catalog on Facebook’s digital shopfronts and marketplaces.

  1. Post With The Lifetime Budget Option 

When you pay to post an ad on Facebook, you get to choose from two options on how the ad will run on the platform. You can either go for a daily or lifetime budget. With a small budget, it’s recommended to utilize the lifetime budget option as it’s almost customizable. If your target audience is active during specific days of the week, using the lifetime budget allows you to schedule the duration and time to run the ad. This enables you to have an optimum reach with your small budget. 

Furthermore, Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that the ad can run more when there’s strong performance and vice versa. The lifetime budget can ensure low marketing costs with this scheduling and adaptability. 

Additionally, you can utilize Facebook’s in-built A/B testing tool. This allows you to monitor the performance of your ad, and the results can be vital when developing another ad. Overall, using the budget options lets you invite your target audience to like, share, and comment on your page and direct them to your website. 


In summary, Facebook can provide a unique platform to run your market your business even with a low budget. To help you reach your target audience, you can use scraping tools to customize your interactive sessions and create a community page.  

Additionally, it’s vital to optimize your profile page to make it attractive and capture your page’s visitors. Lastly, you should ensure you use Facebook’s features such as ‘boost posts’, lifetime budget, and product catalog ads.