How To Unhide A Post On Facebook? Read the below section to know the details.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform today. It grosses over 2.5b active users each month, a figure only growing with technology reaching to everywhere on the planet. You can use it to send and receive messages, upload photos and text status, react to others' posts and make your timeline. All of them are pretty easily known to all, but here's telling you how to unhide a post on Facebook. 

how to unhide a post on Facebook

Hiding Facebook posts 

Facebook posts are the content that circulates around the social media platform. It can contain text updates to photos and videos. At times, you would want to hide a Facebook post from appearing on your timeline or to others' newsfeeds. Of course, there can be plenty of reasons why you'd do that.

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Hiding is a better option than deleting a post when you know you only want it temporarily. Deleting a post removes it permanently from the timeline and everywhere else. So, when temporary removal is the job, hiding the post is the best alternative. That means you can always unhide the post whenever you need it back. Here's the complete guide on how to unhide a post on Facebook and bring it back to your timeline. 

how to unhide a post on Facebook

But before we get into that, we might as well start with why and how to hide a post on Facebook

So, whenever you're about to upload a status, check the menu beside the 'Post' button. You'll be prompted with a series of different audience filters. You can select from friends to the public or even custom. Custom settings allow you to moderate who among your friends can see the post. More specifically, you can hide it from any of them with whom you don't want to share your post. Once you're done with this, your uploaded post will now be hidden from all of them who you don't intend to share with. 

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How to unhide a post on Facebook? 

First, go to and log in with your credentials. Now go to your profile and click the three dots near your profile picture. You'll be given a drop-down menu with options like archive, activity log, etc. If we haven't made it clear already, you have to click the activity log. 

Once you're there, click on the "Filter" option and choose the "Hidden from timeline" tab. You can now see the unhide option alongside your hidden posts. Click on it to restore your posts back on your timeline. Follow the same for both the mobile and the web versions of Facebook. 

The reasons why 'hide' is a better option than delete

'Hide' is a temporary removal of the chosen post. You can always get back to restore it whenever you need it. Deleting, on the other hand, is removing content permanently from your timeline. Once you've proceeded with the deletion task, you'll never be able to regain access to it. 

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So, hiding and unhiding the posts at times is always better than permanently deleting the post and wondering why you did that when in need. It brings an end to ‘how to unhide a post on Facebook.’