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An email list is important for your marketing but it doesn’t grow on its own. It takes some work and effort on your part to grow your this list. The good part is that there are some amazing tips and tricks to enlarge your email circle in lesser time. This article solves your problems with a detailed guide to doing a Facebook Messenger giveaway. With the help of these useful tips, your email subscriber list can increase exponentially each time you do a giveaway.


How does the Facebook Messenger giveaway work?

1.  Adhere to Facebook’s rules

Facebook has a certain reservation when it comes to contests. It has set some rules and regulations which must be followed when a contest is being conducted. If these rules are not followed, chances are that you may end up losing your Facebook business page. In order to make things clear, these simple rules must be followed:

  • Clearly mention the official rules.
  • State the offer terms and eligibility criteria.
  • Don’t forget to mention that the promotion done for giveaway is not associated with Facebook in any way – be it sponsorship, endorsement or any other feature of promotion. 
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2.  Decide the premise

A premise forms the basis of your contest. A premise is basically a submission sought from the users which is their entry to the contest. Some premise examples include:


A video contest is one where the entrants submit videos that they’ve made. For example, they could be doing specific tricks.


A photo contest is one where people submit their cutest/funniest/smartest or any other unique photos which may revolve around a certain predefined topic.


A text contest, as the name suggests, revolves around a text. This text could be anything, from a poem to a joke to a short story.


Growing Email Subscribers with a Facebook Messenger GiveawayIn a sweepstakes contest, only an email address is required by the people to win. 

3.  The premise should be easy to manage

It is an understood and implied fact that the premise for your contest should have an easy entry to encourage maximum participation from your audience. The success of the contest is highly dependent on the content creation. To ensure that a good campaign is run, it is also a good idea to tap into those areas where people have already created content.

This will automatically multiply the volume of entries that you receive. For example, you can tap into things such as “Best Mother-Son Halloween/Cosplay Ideas” or “Brown Man’s Best Cosplay Ideas”. These ideas are most likely to be successful because they are tried and tested and are liked by almost everyone.

4.  The content should be shareable

There is no use in asking your users to submit content that they would be shy in sharing. It is highly recommended for you to ask your users to send content that they are comfortable in sharing. To identify what your users would be most comfortable in sharing, first ask yourself: will I be happy to share this if I were in their place? If the answer is no, don’t ask for such content. However, if the answer is yes and you deem it fit for the users to share their content, then ask them to submit it.        

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5.  Decide a prize for the contest

Selection of a unique prize, especially when it comes to Facebook Messenger giveaway, is very important. It is highly recommended to choose a prize (which could be a product or a gift card) that is a part of the business’ product portfolio or is through a website that you can directly reach. This would make it very convenient for you to give your prize.

You should avoid any type of product which is from a third party and is not specific as it won’t appeal to your customers. A prize from your own business’ products or from the businesses that you buy from would be ideally suitable as it would attract the right type of customers to your business and that is all you want.

all you want
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6.  Consider self interest

You want maximum number of people knowing about the giveaway. However, most of the new entrants want to win the giveaway so much that they are selfish to not inform others about it. For instance, whenever the business asks a new entrant to pass on information about the giveaway, the entrant would probably not pass it and keep the information to themselves. This is because they feel entitled to win the giveaway.

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A smart tactic on the part of business is that to avoid people acting against their own self-interest. The business can give incentives to these people so that they do not behave this way. One solution is that when any entrant makes an entry submission, an automated confirmation feature gives them an additional offer. That is, any person who shares a giveaway link can get up to two to three extra chances to win.

This would ensure that the person does not act in a selfish manner when it comes to sharing about the giveaway as they would now have higher prospects to win. On the part of business, this is also equally beneficial as the giveaway now receives more tract.

7.  Building a Messenger Bot flow

Running a giveaway on Facebook Messenger is not as easy as it seems; you will need to manage your bot flow to keep a track of everything. Ideally, a software tool should be employed to help you set up chatbot. A chatbot works in a very simple way. In a Facebook chatbot, customers can conveniently click the “Messagebutton on your Facebook page. This pops up the chat box and a session is initiated. They can type a question and chat with your bot. This makes the messenger conversation automated.

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8.  Connect your email provider with your ChatBot

Once the bot flow is created, you can connect your bot platform with your email marketing provider. This is probably one of the most effective ways to grow your email subscribers in a fast and efficient manner. This works in such a way that when someone types in their email address in your Messenger bot, your email provider automatically captures it hence increasing your number of subscribers.

9.  Using tracking links to measure efforts

One of the main goals of any business is earning revenues. Without money, any business would cease to exist. A tracking link can be used for the button that people would click to visit a website for a giveaway. This would enable the business to know how much return a specific giveaway is making. This feature also helps the business to identify whether the giveaway is even leading to sales or not.

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10.  Remaining in touch with the entrants

While a Facebook Messenger giveaway helps to grow email subscribers, it can work the other way round as well. E-mails can also play a vital role in the Facebook giveaway marketing. The giveaway team can communicate with the entrants on both Facebook and email. This can be done during the giveaway process as well as after the giveaway. After the giveaway, those who didn’t win can be sent an e-mail where they could be offered a discount coupon (the discount % could be a choice of the business).

This is just a way to show that you value all of your customers; those who won the giveaway and those who didn’t – this ensures nobody feels left out.

feels left out
Growing Email Subscribers with a Facebook Messenger Giveaway 30

11.  Creating a Facebook Messenger advertisement

One of the most successful ways to get email subscribers is through Facebook advertisements. When a Facebook visitor clicks on your advertisement, they are instantly connected with a Facebook Messenger bot. A message pops up which, if clicked, makes them a Facebook Messenger subscriber and they can be sent follow-up messages for the next 1 day.

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12.  Offering discounted products as part of your giveaway

As a part of the giveaway, you can also offer discounted products to your customers/subscribers. This can be a good way to clear out the unsold stock or to sell newly-launched products on a good discount to generate sales. Not only do the customers buy from you, but the revenues generated also pay for the cost of your Facebook advertisement campaign. As a matter of fact, you will also be able to gather both email as well as messenger subscribers for free.

It is a difficult job to grow your email subscribers, but these tips make it easy and worth it.