Facebook post ideas to increase engagement
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 13

When you're trying to redesign your Facebook plan, you'll need to make sure you're sharing the captivating content your audience loves. Engaging content as the secret to growing your Facebook Page reach and engagement.

If you're curious about what you're supposed to post on your Facebook page that will resonate with your audience, we've put together a list of different Facebook posting ideas that will help to increase interaction.

1. Ask questions

One great way to start conversations with your audience is by simply asking questions. It seems so basic, and you shouldn’t use this for every post, but it’s still a powerful strategy.

Think creatively about the types of questions you can ask. You can work to get genuine audience and customer input on business decisions. Or you can ask random questions that are relevant to your industry in an attempt to get more engagement on your post.

Here’s a great example of Scholastic asking their followers a relevant question to their industry: “What are you reading today?”

Ask questions
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 14

Consider how you can also ask important questions to your audience, which are enjoyable and easy to answer. From their answers you could even generate ideas for potential material.

2. Behind-the-Scenes

Another brilliant idea about Facebook content is posting pictures of your company behind the scenes (BTS). There's a lot of ways to do that. Show how the items are made, introduce the staff, or provide other video or campaign bloopers.

We love the way Typeform goes to BTS for National Pet Day by showing off some of the furry friends of its employees!

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Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 15

Consider ways your company can get on a more personal level to share exclusive content with your Facebook followers and behind-the-scenes images or stories.

One great way to increase reach and interaction is to post on trending topics about which people are talking. This will not only improve your chances of appearing in feeds, but people will also be more likely to comment on and share your content.

Our example here is a post from Dr. Seuss' Facebook page jumping on age's trending topic, staying home and social distance.

Trending topics
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 16

The terms "STAY HOME" are spelled out with little tokens from different Dr. Seuss books, remaining important to the company as well as to the topic at hand.

4. Branded graphics

Another great post idea – which honestly is ideal for any single online platform – is to create branded graphics with the logo, fonts and colors integrated into your product.

They are good because they are incredibly flexible! Share quotations, memes, motivational pronouncements, useful tips and more in specific branded graphics.

And not all of these need to have the same theme, either. Take in the graphics various variations of your brand colors to make them all appear special, incorporate shapes and even use icons or diagrams to better illustrate what the text means.

Here is a great example of a simple Chewy branded graphic that can be produced by any marketer using a DIY graphic design programme.

Branded graphics
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 17

Create your own branded graphics so you can share it through social media. Don't forget to customize the graphics based on the best image sizes for each device.

5. Tell stories

Get the audience personalised. Telling stories is a perfect way to relate to a different level of your Facebook followers. And how small your company is would depend on your story.

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This is a perfect example of a story told by a solopreneur, whose company concerns her personal brand. Although these types of companies make it easier to get personal with storytelling, there are other ways for almost any company to do the job.

Tell stories
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 18

Say your own stories about how your company came to be, share hard parts of becoming a business owner or just let your social media manager have fun with their position and be honest (to a point) with their own work.

6. Product photos

This one seems simple. Of course you want to share images of your product on your Facebook business post.

But, to get successful Facebook messages, highlight your goods in innovative ways.

How do you showcase your goods with or without being modelled by someone? Think of flatlays, patterns related to holidays to come, or shots to use or add, and more.

Here's a nice example of OREO showcasing their product in a visually appealing way.

Product photos
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 19

Come and share your own product images with stylish ways to make them as appealing as possible, improving interaction and sales.

7. Infographics

Historically, infographics are known for long visualizations of data which can take up the entire screen, particularly on a platform such as Pinterest.

On any social media site, however, infographics are sharable, as long as you scale them appropriately.

Here's a fantastic example from Visme infographic production platform sharing an infographic alongside their posting on Facebook.

Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 20

Share your own business trends details charts and graphs on Facebook to help educate your audience.

8. Show your existence

Your Facebook Page does not always have to be all business. It's actually a brilliant idea to show off a certain brand personality in your posts and post captions.

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Here's a perfect example of Lucky Brand showing off their brand personality (while staying important to a common trend subject – a two-fold, if you like).

Show your existence
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 21

The best way to uphold this concept of authenticity when posting on Facebook is to ensure you have brand identity guidelines generated so that anyone who puts together your company's social media content understands how far they can go in terms of personality.

9. Blog posts

A tried-and-tested Facebook post idea that never goes away: sharing blog posts from your service.

Why? For what? Second, content marketing is just as relevant as marketing on social media, so you are probably already producing these types of content. And second, this means you have free advertising that can lead to even more clicks on your site.

Content and social media literally collaborate.

In their Facebook post, DigitalMarketer reveals how seamlessly content and social media come together.

Blog posts
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 22

Be just as insightful by sharing the blog content of your business through social media-but still in a happy mix with the majority of these ideas on Facebook posts.

10. Discounts and sales

Share any big sales or product discounts you could run in the same vein. If you build flash sales or Facebook-only discounts for your fans, that can be especially fun. It's a smart way to recompense people to support your Facebook profile.

Here's an example from Anthropologie posting a big sale for Facebook followers they'd been working on.

Discounts and sales
Facebook post ideas to increase engagement 23

As this sort of content also converts well, discount and sale alert posts are also great ideas for Facebook to promote.

Make your own cool posts on Facebook

Ready to put these ideas to the test on Facebook post? Start designing and scheduling content for your own Facebook company page.